October 20, 2021

Why not send my Snap? Snap chat down for users across the UK.

The social media service allows users to share photos and videos with friends and family.

Users across the UK have reported problems sending ‘Snaps’ to the platform.

Down Detector has received reports of problems when the popular social media app crashed for users across the UK.

Reports on SnapChat start at 11.49am and complaints increase to 12,465 by 12.05am.

A post from someone listed as ‘SnapChatAdmin’ said the service “will be backed up and running soon” and added: “Please log out and log in again to refresh your connection in the meantime.” Do it. ”

Users went to Twitter to find out the reason for the closure.

One user asked: “Will you make SnapChat work?”

Another added, “I don’t mind being under SnapChat because I’m not a big fan of photos and I rarely post.”

The third said: “Snap chat is down. What should I do with my life now?”

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