September 17, 2021

Why is the arrival of Cristiano Ronaldo not enough for Manchester United? Paul explains.

Paul Anas has praised his former club Manchester United for the departure of Cristiano Ronaldo this summer. But the former Red Devils star feels that even with the arrival of the five-time Ballon d’Or winner, Manchester will not be able to claim the club title.

Even before Ronaldo’s arrival, Ole Gunnar Solskjیرr had spent 11 4,114 million on Jadon Sancho and Rafael Varane, and Norway did not seem to be looking for more attacking talent. Were affiliated with the United. Midfielders Ruben Neves and Eduardo Camawenga..

However, when it became clear that Ronaldo wanted to be out of the Juventus, the Red Devils stepped in despite strong ties between the player and the neighbors and rivals Manchester City. Ansi feels United need a lift when City sign Jack Graylish for 100 100m and Chelsea sign Romelu Lukaku for ین 98m.

“I think United needed a lift,” Anas said. As quoted by the Irish Independent. “You thought it would all be over if Manchester City got the hurricane. Then (Romelo) Lukaku went to Chelsea and you think ‘wow’. United definitely needed a center forward. “

“Then all of a sudden, Bam, Ronnie came back to town and Old Trafford. It’s great for United fans, it’s great for the team. You put him (Rafael) with Varane and he’s the serial winner. “

The 20-time English champions now have one of the most enviable forward lines in the Premier League, with Ronaldo joining Sancho, Edinson Cavani, Marcus Rashford and Mason Greenwood. Ansi is confident that the Portuguese star will deliver on goals in advance.

However, despite his impressive attack, Anas believes his former employer is still a little behind Chelsea and is ruling the English Champions City because of his midfield. Solskjیرr was asked to strengthen his midfield, but he failed to make any additions with Fred and Nemanja Matic, who are expected to support Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandez.

“Even with Ronnie, I still think United are a little behind City and Chelsea, but they are much closer.” “Midfield is an area that hasn’t really been touched … that.”

“If you look at the backbone of the team, you see (Harry) Maguire and Varanasi behind and Ronaldo and Rashford’s choice at the top. It looks strong, but in the middle area it looks a bit open. ۔ “

Cristiano Ronaldo
Manchester United announced the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo on Friday.
Paul Ellis / AFP

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