September 18, 2021

Why did Kate Middleton change Princess Diana’s engagement ring before marrying Prince William?

Prince William proposed to Kate Middleton in 2010 with a glittering sapphire engagement ring that once belonged to her late mother, Princess Diana. The ring features a 12-carat oval sapphire encrusted with fourteen solitaire diamonds in 18-carat white gold, and is still worn by the Duchess of Cambridge to this day.

However, Kate had to change the ring shortly before her wedding in April 2011, as she found the band to be too large and kept it fluttering on her finger. The famous ring was taken to the royal jewelers G. Collins & Sons, who adapted the ring to make it better for him. Instead of reducing the size of the band, the jewelry was attached to a small platinum bead at the bottom of the ring to give it a better fit.

A source said. the sun The Duchess “liked” her late mother-in-law’s ring, but found it too large. The insider said of the piece of jewelry, “Looking at a bride’s worst nightmare and seeing her ring fall off, one wonders how it grew when you were marrying the future king of England. ۔ “

After changing it, Kate always wears a ring on her finger, along with her beautiful wedding ring made of Welsh gold. However, a documentary claims that the eldest daughter-in-law of Prince Charles and Princess Diana did not inherit the late royal ring.

According to the documentary “The Diana Story”, this is because it is believed that the ring was originally given to William’s younger brother Prince Harry. After Diana’s death in a car accident in Paris in 1997, Prince Charles allowed his sons to choose pieces from his jewelry store, said Paul Burrell, a former butler of Diana.

William chose his gold Cartier watch, while Harry picked up the sapphire ring. However, he left the “selfless” ring so that his older brother could propose to Kate with his mother.

Diana, who received an engagement ring from Prince Charles in February 1981, continued to wear it after the divorce. The choice of her beautiful ring was considered unusual because it was neither custom made nor unique and the crown of the time was available to everyone to buy from Jeweler Gerard’s collection.

Princess Diana's engagement ring
A close-up of Kate Middleton’s engagement ring as she poses with her then-fianc شہ Prince William at the State Apartments in St. James’s Palace on November 16, 2010.
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