Who are the couples in the E4 series?

The ninth episode of Married at First Sight: Australia aired on E4 on February 21, 2022.

But who will go further, and who will be left alone?


Take a look at the couples from Season 9 of Married at First Sight in Australia.Credit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.

Who are the couples from Married at First Sight in Australia season 9?

Jack and Domenica

Jack And Domenica


Jack and DomenicaCredit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.

Outgoing Domenica hopes to find a husband who “loves her for all her quirks and can create the right chemistry in the bedroom.”

She is a 28-year-old Italian makeup artist who is on her guard after the collapse of her last marriage, which only lasted two months, until she decided to leave.

Will Jack be able to restore her trust and desire to create his large Italian family?

Jack is a 26-year-old financial planner who considers himself a peacemaker with a “great moral compass.”

He likes to think that he can get along with anyone and it’s easy for him to carry on a conversation.

He is looking for a fun, passionate and open partner.

Ella and Mitch

Ella And Mitch


Ella and MitchCredit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.

Beautician Ella is looking for a true life partner who will become her best friend and big fan after nine years of loneliness.

A 27-year-old man needs someone outspoken and confident.

A strong sexual connection is a must, and they must be open and willing to commit.

26-year-old Mitch hopes to find a sincere and committed relationship.

The financial planner at Gold Cost has no problem attracting women, he can just keep one.

He has a history of short relationships that give him the party-goer look, but he’s tired of the online dating scene and is ready to find that all-important one.

Holly and Andrew

Holly And Andrew


Holly and AndrewCredit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.

Cinema manager Holly has always dreamed of being a mother, but time is against her and she hopes to find someone special at MAFS.

The 36-year-old loved being a stepmother to her ex’s kids, but the relationship fell apart after he told her he didn’t want to anymore.

Coming to the mark, 39-year-old personal trainer Andrew.

Andrew considers himself a straight forward person who enjoys helping others through motivational speeches.

He is looking for someone who can match his spontaneity and, most importantly, make him laugh.

This is the third time that Andrew has gone down the aisle, but don’t they say that the third time was lucky?

Holly may be happy to know that she can be a stepmother again, as Andrew has a two-year-old daughter.

Celine and Anthony

Celine And Anthony


Celine and AnthonyCredit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.

Single mother Celine is ready to put aside her maternal guilt to finally put her needs first.

The 32-year-old executive assistant doesn’t have time for dates as she’s too busy balancing motherhood and career.

She is nervous and afraid of being hurt and will sacrifice a lot of precious time away from her three year old boy to join the marriage experiment, but she is ready to find true love.

She is looking for a “good man”, honest and faithful.

Professional wrestler Anthony is also already the parent of his nine-year-old daughter, who he says is his “ticket to heaven.”

Anthony works in sales and during his off hours he is busy channeling his alter ego “Tommy Hellfire”.

The 38-year-old man is looking for someone who can match his drive and passion in life and break his habit of chasing women who are not right for him.

Tamara and Brent

Tamara And Brent


Tamara and BrentCredit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.

Tamara would call herself an “alpha personality” and tell anyone where the door is.

As an independent and ambitious woman, she owns her own and is a successful operations manager who doesn’t want to carry her partner.

She has found that guys will do anything to impress her, but in the end it never lasts.

Will Tamara miss Brent or is it for a long time?

The 33-year-old hospitality manager has also had success in his career, where he spent seven years in Dubai running a successful event management company.

However, due to the pandemic, he lost everything, and he soon realized that the world means nothing if there is no one to share it with.

Now back in Australia, he is determined to rebuild his life as well as his confidence and hope that MAFS will bring him the partner he has been waiting for.

Samantha and Al

Samantha And Al


Samantha and AlCredit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.

Fashion brand manager Samantha doesn’t have much time for casual dates.

She is outgoing and strong, but deep down she has scars from her previous relationships that have eroded her trust.

However, this did not break the determination of the 26-year-old girl to find what she wants, and she is not willing to lower her standards for anyone.

Hoping to meet his rival Al, a 25-year-old carpenter who still lives at home.

He has never had a serious girlfriend or relationship, but he believes now is the time to grow up and get on his feet.

The cocky guy says that he is now ready for a serious relationship after a series of flings, but is secretly afraid of being rejected.

Olivia and Jackson

Olivia And Jackson


Olivia and JacksonCredit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.

Blonde bombshell Olivia is tired of dating the wrong guy.

The teacher explains this by his low self-confidence.

She had a gastric sleeve done over five years ago, but despite losing 50 kilos, she can’t help thinking she’s an “overweight girl.”

Jackson, 30, works as a plumber and considers himself a cool clown.

He is sociable and optimistic, who is always ready to laugh.

Growing up as the eldest of five children, he took on the role of a protective older brother for his younger sisters and mother.

He used to attract the attention of women, but now he is ready to find love.

He loves a girl with beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile.

Selina and Cody

Selina And Cody


Selina and CodyCredit: Unknown, clearly with photo table.

The 32-year-old hairdresser is self-employed and hopes to one day start a family in a four-bedroom home she bought herself.

She said that if his parents wanted to, she would already be married.

But she wants to prove them wrong not only with her career success. but also her in search of love.

Being half Cambodian and half Chinese, Selina has struggled to connect with the men she dates and says men often see her as a novelty.

However, she may have to be patient as she is paired with Cody, a 30-year-old swim coach who struggles with commitment.

Having lost his father when he was only 15 years old, he built walls around himself and very rarely shows his vulnerability.

But it stops him when it comes to wanting to find a deeper commitment.

He hopes that his wife will love and accept him for who he is and support him in these problems.

When is Married at First Sight Australia on TV?

The ninth season of Married at First Sight: Australia premiered on E4 on Monday, February 21st.

Episodes of the series will be released every night on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 19:30.

The series will resume with a fifth episode on Monday, February 28 at 7:30 pm.

The ninth season will have 30 episodes in total.

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