Whitby Swing Bridge – District Council outlines closure management plans ahead of the 2022 summer season in the city

Drawbridge of Whitby.

Carl Battersby, corporate director of business and environmental services, said: “The closing of the swing bridge offers significant safety benefits as we all know how busy the waterfront can be during peak holiday hours.

“We understand the importance of allowing traffic on the swing bridge connecting the east and west sides of Whitby, but this must be balanced against the needs of pedestrians during busy times of the day.

“We hope that this decision will be welcomed and its benefits will be felt again.”

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The city council said other dates, such as the Whitby Goth weekend, should be included and additional signs and warnings should be posted and posted to help tourists navigate the closed roads.

In response, the county council says that based on the number of visitors in previous years, it does not plan to close the bridge for the April Gothic weekend, but will monitor the situation and close it if conditions change.

The county’s measures will begin on Easter weekend and will be in effect all public holiday weekends, including the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, and all school holiday weekends from May to October.

The drawbridge will be closed to vehicles from 10:30 am to 4:00 pm, except for buses and emergency vehicles.

On weekends and public holidays during the school summer break, local road authorities may decide to cancel the closure if the weather forecast is unfavorable.

On Friday 25 March, the North Yorkshire Business and Environment Executive meeting will consider whether to approve a £380,000 paint and maintenance scheme for the drawbridge.

Mr Battersby said: “We intend to invest in a drawbridge that is regularly inspected and upgraded.

“Repainting is important to conservation and it has been ten years since it was last done.

“During long periods of very warm weather, the bridge expands and becomes stuck in the closed position, preventing boats from leaving or entering the harbour.

“We plan to use a lighter finish to withstand cooler temperatures.”

Welding work should be completed before the summer holidays of 2022, and repainting in the spring/summer of 2023.

A trial closure of the Whitby Swing Bridge was introduced last year on weekends, public holidays and peak hours.

The county council recently stated that the pilot traffic scheme would not remain permanent following feedback on the scheme.

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