September 18, 2021

While making video on the crane, the Chinese influence fell to 160 feet

An influential Chinese man died after falling from a crane while filming last week.

Xiao Qiaomi, a 23-year-old crane operator, regularly shared videos of his daily life on Tiktuk where he had about 100,000 followers. New York Post In her final video, the victim, who is said to be a mother of two, was talking on camera from a crane cabin before falling 160 feet, according to her final video.

Xiao was seen falling to the ground with his phone still in his hand at 5:40 a.m. Tuesday, when most of his co-workers had already left the site in Quizu, a city in western China’s Jiangxi Province. the sun Citing eyewitnesses

The outlet said the video circulating online described footage captured by his phone showing a blurry image of the luggage passing through the lens.

However, Xiao’s family denied that they made films during working hours. According to the victim’s family, his death was not the result of an internet stunt but of an accident. She said she missed just one step and fell as a result.

Xiao’s last rites and last rites have taken place, his ashes being placed under an umbrella according to local traditions.

Earlier this month, another social media influencer died while taking photos. Sofia Cheung Tsang, a Hong Kong influencer, was standing near a waterfall on the Dai River when she slipped and fell into a 16-foot-deep pond.

Cheung’s Instagram account had about 19,000 followers at the time of his death and included nature photography and hiking stunts published by the 32-year-old influence.

Odels Santos Mina, a Mexican social media influencer, died recently after undergoing a rigorous medical procedure to treat excessive unannounced sweating. Mina, a well-known figure in the fitness community, died of cardiac arrest while undergoing anesthesia for the procedure.

Mena’s death is currently being investigated by the Jalisco State Public Prosecutor’s Office. New York Post Reported

Influence Reveals the Reality Behind the Glam Photo (Photo) Photo: Hemanshgunarathna – Pixby

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