September 25, 2021

While cleaning the house after the death of his wife, a man allegedly found the bodies of 3 rotten children.

In the French province of Maine, Aman allegedly discovered the rotten remains of three children as he cleaned his house after his wife died last week.

An unidentified man contacted the French National Gendarmerie Police Force last Monday when he discovered the remains of a child in a locked cabinet in the garage of his home. French media BFMTV Citing sources close to the investigation, the incident was reported.

The other two sets of remains were allegedly found in a locked cabinet, stored in a shed away from the house.

According to the outlet, the bodies were kept in plastic bags and wrapped in cloth. Two kitchen knives were also found in the bags.

The publication states that the remains do not belong to the same period.

According to the outlet report, it may be impossible to determine from the state of decomposition of the bodies whether they were fetuses, newborns or infants.

According to RTL, a public prosecutor announced on Tuesday that the remains had been autopsied. An investigation is underway.

The man’s wife, whose name was not in the reports, died of cancer on August 10 at the age of 44, and he was cleaning the property after his death when he discovered the remains. The couple is said to have been childless, but the woman had two children from a previous relationship.

A similar incident occurred in Washington DC in May, when local police discovered a child in a plastic bag in a medical facility restroom trash can.

According to police, Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers responded to a report of an unconscious child in the 100 block of Irving Street Northwest shortly before 8 a.m. when they were directed to the unisex bathroom and the child Was found in the trash. Reports

The site was a physician’s office building, the MPD said in a statement.

Dr. Robert Holman, medical director of DC Fire and Emergency Medical Services, who accompanied the respondents, pronounced the child dead at the scene.

No additional details were provided, but an investigation into the incident was announced after the discovery.

French police.
Representation Authorities found a total of three dead children on the man’s property. Photo: Pixabay

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