September 23, 2021

Which you should follow this year.

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  • From our favorite UK influencers to the best monuments in Milan and New York, read on some of the best fashion blogs out there, and for even more inspiration, move on to our breakup. Black fashion impressive Extermination.

    WHO: Babba, a Swedish-Latin businessman living in New York, founder of My Sermonia, a clean hair care brand, and advocate for women and the Latin language.

    Why: Because you will be under a lot of pressure to find someone cool. Not only is he incredibly stylish and he has two beautiful homes – a flat in New York and a house in the countryside – he is also incredibly smart. He is an eco beauty expert and is part of the Forbes 30 Under 30 Club.

    WHO: Stairs, London-based fashion, beauty and lifestyle influences.

    Why: No one paints like Zina, so much so that she created a rainbow challenge in support of the NHS last year, urging her followers to wear different colors every day (on Wednesday it was naturally pink). Is). I also like her nice retro home, and for the last spam of the wedding, she has recently been posting pictures of her Indian-British wedding and is dying for it.

    WHO: Digital creators based in Katrina, London and Lisbon.

    Why: There is no one like Katrina to create fashion and lifestyle content. Follow it now for the best style of pregnancy and home renovation.

    WHO: Annie, a petite blogger, YouTuber and stylist based in London.

    Why: We love her versatile style, from colorful summer dresses to casual denim.

    WHO: Erna Lyon, businesswoman and mother in London.

    Why: If you are looking for a fashion blog in which the designer can combine high street fashion, pieces of clothing with everyday wardrobe needs. More importantly, Erna focuses on sustainability, helping to create a timeless wardrobe that you won’t throw out after a season.

    WHO: Abisola Omol, a style and insider blogger who lives in London.

    Why: Truth be told, it’s hard to think of anything. Abisola isn’t good at it. Her outfits are flawless, a combination of timeless and fashion forward, and she also owns an interior design and styling studio, whose product line is coming soon.

    WHO: Demiola, a style blogger based between Manchester and London.

    Why: From the classic (jeans and blazer) to the most classic (hidden crop tops and colorful pants), this page is all about taking risks.

    WHO? Kelsey Marie divided her time between New York and Johannesburg.

    Why: From bold printed Rexco fabrics to sleek tailoring, Kelsey can’t pull anything off me.

    WHO? During the day for Trishna Goklani, social media editor for Paradise Row, a British influence.

    Why: Thirsty style is low, untimely and just plain cool. Follow it if you are always after the best pieces, from the perfect little black dress to the leather jacket.

    WHO? Assistant at Harper’s Bazaar, USA, based in Chrisford, New York.

    Why: Chrissy is basically what I want to be. ‘Cold’ is such a basic word to describe its style but it is much more. From sharp tailoring to bold prints and expressions in colors, there is no look that can’t pull Cressie.

    WHO? Lizzie is a self-made ‘fashion blogger’ living in London

    Why: The above points, as well as a master class in men’s dressing with a chic twist.

    WHO? Another northern girl, a former physiotherapist, teamed up with her best friend Lizzie Headfield to become a fashion inspiration and podcast host.

    Why: If you are looking for the best fashion blogs, you will come to Lindsay. She doesn’t pay as much attention to trends as a style that will last for decades. I love her Princess Diana Sullivan Ranger-Esc Vibe thanks to the oversized blazer, high waist denim, chunky nut and beautiful shoes and pumps. Although she cleverly weaves in her wardrobe more trendy pieces, such as Buy for Glitter Rachel Bag and Wandler Mule. I am also here for a powerful female friendship.

    WHO? Brighton-based fashion stylist and inspiring, with an interest in the journey of dreams.

    Why: There is no one like Hannah to shop for the most expensive looking items on the high street, and her signature neutral color palette and matching pieces make me want to dress more timelessly.

    WHO? Amira, Manchester-based stylist and inspirational.

    Why: Amira proved that you don’t have to choose between casual attire and stylish attire, and we like its very positive titles.

    WHO? Inspired by Eli, Paris.

    Why: If we had to describe Eli’s style in two words, it would be urban luxury. No one says hello like that, and he specializes in combining annoyed denim with colored pops. One of our favorite fashion blogs.

    WHO? Audrey Layton Rogers, photographer and impressive style.

    Why: If you like vintage, you’ll love Audrey’s account. She curates and photographs her old edits, giving the old pieces a new lease of life.

    WHO? Monique Dale, a very elegant London-based influence / model.

    Why: Because Munich also specializes in designing street clothes, and its fashionable finger is always on the pulse of discovering upcoming brands. One of the original best fashion blogs.

    WHO: Freddie Harrell is a Paris Brit who is a big name in the London scene – and for good reason.

    Why: In addition to her elegant style and winning smile, Freddie is a girl who has won us over with her fun voice, honest portrayal of motherhood and celebration of natural hair without her big hair. Whether she’s talking on a panel or spending a day with her family, she’s always ready to put a big smile on her face.

    WHO? Sabina Hussain

    Why: Sabina’s style is elegant and timeless, and her honest statement of motherhood is impressive. She is not afraid to talk about mental health.

    Catherine Ormerod,

    WHO? Business behind life, career and fashion blog. Work work work. And a stylist and brand consultant. Instagram: atherkatherine_ormerod

    Why? Catherine is your lady if you want to know more about cool niche brands than anyone else. We also like her everyday style, which forces us to shop immediately! Since the birth of the two sons, she has been very real about the realities of working mother as well as dealing with loss.

    WHO: Margaret Zhang, a Chinese-Australian photographer, director, stylist and New York-based author. Instagram: g Margaret_Zhang.

    Why: Not just your usual fashion blog, this law covers everything from graduating styling to taking pictures of yourself and consulting for big fashion and beauty brands. Her style is versatile, to say the least, and she looks as much at home in St. Laurent’s shoes and jeans as she does in the Molly Goddard gown.

    Lesgo Ligobin, alias. Thickleeyonce

    WHO: A South African plus size blogger and photographer. Instagram: ickthickleeyonce

    Why: Although Lesgo doesn’t have a blog, she has a very active Instagram full of beautiful photography and thought provoking headlines (she also occasionally goes into vlogging). Whether it’s the latest fashion trends, amazing lingerie or intricate sunglasses, this fashion blog is all about getting rid of the idea of ​​what a curvy girl can and can’t wear.

    Pernille Teisbaek

    WHO: Lithium, Danish, street style regular perennial tessback. Instagram: pernilleteisbaek

    Why: Looking for the best fashion blog with Scandinavian twist? Born in Copenhagen, Pernell Tesbek is a sleek, Scandinavian, full of style. After launching its own cult blog, De Parnell, in 2012, its peer-backed but raw hemmed jeans and Gucci Loafers trend-aware formula exploded in our social feeds. Check back for regular updates on what will be the next big thing in street style trends.

    نتاشا نڈلوو

    WHO: One of the best fashion blogs out there. A London-based blogger and model who has been recognized in various publications around the world. Instagram: natashandlovu

    Why: Natasha specializes in combining chic but comfortable looking clothes, whether she is choosing fast sports wear or swimming in a dream gown. She has a box of designer bags that we give our left kidney for a walk and she occasionally shares her beauty tips on Instagram and her beautiful blog.

    Allison Graham,

    WHO: Alison Graham is a Jamaican men’s clothing blogger based in Brooklyn. Instagram: Shadowshim

    Why: Allison is a breath of fresh air in the space of a fashion blogger who doesn’t have time for your fashion gender binaries. She wears better men’s clothing than most boys in the sport, whether the pattern blends into the dipper suit like a pro or takes casual clothing to a whole new level. Worth admiring a great fashion blog.

    Is there anyone on this list we missed?

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