Where to shop while pregnant: The best maternity clothes from big-name brands including ASOS and H&M.

How to dress your tummy and the best maternity clothing brands

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Pregnancy is a funny thing: both long and fleeting, joyful and often tiring. The question of how to dress when your body is changing so quickly can be delicate – after all, you don’t want to invest in a brand new wardrobe for 9.5 months, but of course you need clothes. to adapt to your changing body.

We recommended a capsule wardrobe: a pair of jeans (maternity jeans are magic, they can be worn and worn in style from the first trimester to the third), several tops in different styles.

If you have chunky cardigans at home, they might be fine, and a new coat isn’t necessary unless you’re going into the third trimester in winter, in which case the pea jacket can look classy and still be good to wear once. you after childbirth.

One “occasional” dress (of course, more if you want!) will be needed for a special occasion or if you just want to feel attractive for the night!

Oh, and if you don’t have a pair of UGGs, can we say now is the time to invest?

Where to buy maternity clothes?

Luckily, you won’t be short of choices when it comes to shopping for clothes throughout your life. pregnancy. While there aren’t many brands that are exclusively for expectant mothers, there are many brands that offer maternity clothing lines as part of their general range.

Here are some of the best brands to buy maternity clothes from:

What should be considered when buying maternity clothes?

According to award-winning celebrity stylist Natalie Robinson, known as Nat style iconthe fabric from which it is made.

She said: “Fabric composition is one of the main ingredients for looking and feeling better; soft textures, cotton, lycra, airy cotton, cashmere, any fabric that will give your tummy the warmth and comfort it needs.”

She also recommends layering as it makes it easier to adapt to changing temperatures – both inside your body and in the world around you.

She said, “Layer is everything. For casual days, wear a comfortable pair of tracksuit buttons with a stretch cotton top or jumper. Don’t be afraid to mix and match prints and textures, but make sure the latter allow your skin to breathe.”

Personal stylist Lindsey Edwards, Rethinking personal styleagreed that layering is important and said that some of the existing pieces in your wardrobe can be paired with new maternity clothes, which will save you money and give you time to find the right maternity clothes.

She said: “It is likely that you will have to invest in maternity clothes during your pregnancy, but there are some things in your wardrobe that you can adjust to your changing figure. For example, cardigans, empire dresses and leggings.

“You can also customize how you wear certain items, like unbuttoning shirts to wear over a tank top, or t-shirts as an overlay.”

You also need things that will last you throughout your pregnancy – and for the first few months after you become a mom. Think stretch fabrics and elastic waistbands.

This way you can choose a few good quality items to invest in instead of going out and buying a new wardrobe every time your baby grows or your figure changes. This would not only be very expensive, but also very difficult to do, since no woman can accurately predict how her body will change throughout pregnancy.

Below we have selected ten of the best maternity wear.

Doll dress

pixie dress

This pretty pixie dress with a lovely pink floral pattern is perfect for both dressing up and dressing down so you’ll get a lot of use out of it throughout your pregnancy.

Crafted from premium silky lightweight jersey with an all over abstract floral print, this knee-length dress accentuates your curves for the most elegant silhouette.

The empire line accentuates the waist, while the flowing nature is very flattering, and the thin puff sleeves end at the elbow, completing the stylish touch.

Award-winning celebrity stylist Natalie Robinson said, “The babydoll style dress is perfect for your tummy and helps you move freely.”

Available in sizes 6 to 20.

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Linen trousers

Linen maternity trousers

Linen is a breathable fabric that is known for keeping you fresh during the summer months, so it’s the perfect fabric to wear during pregnancy.

There is a cotton jersey belt that will stretch over your belly as it grows. The jersey is also very stretchy, so it will adapt no matter how big your belly gets.

The wide-leg style is also very flattering to everyone.

famous stylist Natalie Robinson, said: “Linen trousers are very comfortable. The main benefit of wearing linen, especially in spring/summer, is that it allows for easy air circulation and repels heat. Linen is a “tough” fabric that is less likely to stick to the skin.”

Available in sizes 8 to 18.

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Jeans in classic stretch denim

Skinny jeans MAMA

Made from stretch denim for maximum comfort, they feature faux front pockets, real back pockets and slim legs.

There is a wide elastication at the waist to better fit your growing belly, and the elasticity of the material means this is a pair of jeans that will accompany you throughout your pregnancy and beyond as they can adapt to your changing body.

According to celebrity stylist Natalie Robinson, they are also durable, versatile and suitable for all seasons.

Seven different shades of denim are available, including navy blue (pictured), medium blue and black.

The price ranges from £22 to £34.99, depending on the color chosen.

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Stretch cotton top

Pure cotton maternity t-shirt with slogan

You’ll really feel good in this pure cotton slogan t-shirt. It is cut in a regular style, with ruffles on the sides for comfort. So you get a comfortable fit that will fit your growing belly without feeling baggy and shapeless. This is a win-win.

We also like this slogan, because who said that everyday means simplicity?

Available in sizes 6 to 24.

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The bottom of the tracksuit

Loop maternity joggers

There will come a time during pregnancy when comfort becomes your top priority.

These Loopback Maternity Joggers from maternity and baby clothing retailer JoJo Maman Bébé mean you can relax in total comfort without sacrificing style.

Made from soft, stretchy cotton that glides over your figure, you’ll be drawn to them over and over again, especially in late pregnancy when your tummy is at its largest.

Available in small, medium and large sizes.

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Robe dress

ASOS DESIGN Maternity Maternity embroidered button down mini dress in white

This perfect summer party dress is crafted from fabric with embroidered eyelets in a gorgeous English style. You’ll want to make plans to go out with this dress hanging in your closet.

It has an attractive v-neck and a stylish button placket, as well as a feminine frill on the sleeve.

Available in sizes 6 to 20. Designed for all stages of pregnancy, you just need to buy it in your regular size and you’ll find it provides many benefits as your pregnancy progresses and your tummy grows.

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Sweatshirt with buttons for pregnant and nursing mothers

Available in sizes XS to XL and two colors; potpourri pink and light heather gray (pictured).

It has a button-down collar, which means it can be left open or closed. This also makes it ideal to wear after the baby is born, as it can be quickly opened in case you need to breastfeed.

It’s super soft so it will feel comfortable on your and baby’s skin and is also perfect for layering on days when the weather is a little unpredictable.

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2 set of black maternity leggings with side stripes

Crafted from stretchy jersey with a slim fit and a waistline that will sit comfortably on your tummy, they are a wardrobe staple for all mums-to-be and at under £10 they are a real bargain too.

Available in sizes 8 to 20.

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Cream maternity pajama set with heart print

When you’re pregnant, you need to be comfortable at any time, including in the evening, and this cream-colored heart maternity pajama set will help you sleep well.

The set includes a cute mommy and a pair of stylish leggings with an elasticated waist that will keep both baby and you comfortable.

Sizes available from XS to L.

Plus size models are also available from 18 to 28.

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Boys Overbump Mid Denim Shorts

Made from classic medium denim, they are made from soft, comfortable stretch fabric with enough room for baby to grow and move.

Available in sizes 8 to 22.

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