October 17, 2021

Where are my pajamas By Joyce Shaw – Concert Magazine.

In 2013, a woman from a church in Delos Lane noticed that the young people at the concert needed help when they went out to enjoy the night. Talking to his friends, he soon found out that others, including me, had the same concern. I don’t want any of my children or grandchildren to be in danger, and being drunk is a situation that can be dangerous. With the great help and encouragement of the police, we formed a team called Street Friends, consisting of the Convent Methodist Church and other local churches.

We spend our nights in small groups on the streets, keeping in touch with each other and the police by radio, and wandering around the concert in and out of pubs and clubs. Our high-visibility vests for summer nights, soon replaced with thick-padded highway jackets for the cold, and foil blankets added to the rucksack for those in need of protection against hypothermia. * We became famous for flip flops and slippers. Girls who can no longer handle their stilettos, and this definitely prevents amputated legs, resulting in contact with glasses and broken glass!

what shall we do?

What we don’t do is first aid, but we provide water and help get a taxi when needed, and talk to everyone we talk to. We’ll look for anyone alone, keep an eye on people in need of water or flip / flop slippers, or talk to a concierge. Getting to know and greet them on a regular basis is amazing as they enjoy their night out.

As the project grew, support was overwhelming; we received donations to buy water and flip flops, we were congratulated on our efforts, and other sectors, as far as Norfolk are concerned, are interested in the work, wanting to know how their area Let me start something like this.

I mentioned the interesting conversation; most of the young people were amazed at our age (we all at least 50 + VAT!) When we patrolled in the small hours of the morning.
Do you work for the police? Do you get paid (More surprised when there were no answers !!) They couldn’t believe we volunteered because we were concerned about their well-being, and always with us with respect and gratitude. Used to occur

Every time I was out, I always met alumni who recognized me and couldn’t believe I was walking the streets so late at night !!! My answer was that I should have found my pajamas to sleep in, not my overcoat at 11pm when we started patrolling !!

Cowade soon stopped all excitement at the concert, but life is starting to return to normal and the economy will return at night.

The average age of the team is very high and we are all almost 2 years older than the last time we went out! We need to find like-minded people who follow in our footsteps, and give the community a great time volunteering. The reward is knowing that we have hoped to help someone who could face someone.
Very serious crisis ….

We need more support for our teams! There is no age limit above 18 and everyone is officially trained before working on the streets. There is no obligation to meet a certain number of hours and we all take care of each other. We are now hoping that Street Friends will start patrolling during the day where we can hang out with shoppers, especially in Middle Street, as the Cowayd crisis has exposed loneliness and anxiety in our daily lives.

Day and night time plans can be very useful and purposeful, so why not try it?

There is no medal or financial benefit, but every member of the team can honestly recommend having a good time that we give. It has put Concert on the map as a caring community.

Take a look at the website. Concert Street Friends., Call contact numbers and join us !!!
Joyce Shaw – Contact numbers: 505027 and 502556.

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