September 17, 2021

When the Celtic Park floodlights went out for the first time – and memories of the old Glasgow firm more than 1959

Not because of the match, which was friendly, but because it was being held for the first time to switch on the Park Head floodlights.

Apparently, the spectators watched in horror.

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Bertie Meyer was the Celtic captain.

Elsewhere, in 1959, we drew Bertie Old of Celtic into action.

Glasgow Times: Celtic Great Bertie Old in Training, October 1959.

Bobby Shearer of the Rangers was fighting hard against the Dunfermline when our photographers went to take action.

Glasgow Times: Bobby share of Rangers in the match against Dunfermline.

This Rangers When we got to the training session, players (left to right) Jimmy Miller, Bobby King, Ralph Brand, Eric Caldo, Harold Davis, Billy Stevenson and Andy Matthews were working hard.

Glasgow Times: 1958 Rangers training

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