October 25, 2021

When is the best time for my boxer?

It’s hard to know when to spy or neuter – or if you should at all. Here’s the best veterinary advice for your boxer.

So you have decided to spy or neuter your boxer but when?

It is often said that your dog should be cured or finished (a name that bothers me, because, decidedBroken, which means a bit! Usually on the recommendation of a veterinarian.

I know that when Indy was young, I was told: “Six months, at the point” – which is common advice in the United States and Europe. If you ask the internet (ie Facebook), they usually say recommendations later and at least twelve months.

I know that when Indy was little, I was told: “Six months, on point”

Ali Smith

But is that also true? Or is it based on any kind of science?

With this conflicting information, how do you want to know? Trust your doctor? As your family has always done. Or trust Rando on the Internet who knows it all.

None of this seems like a good idea when rumors are spread about the possible consequences of these procedures that there are some terrible diseases and ailments that dogs can face; all this is the result of eliminating the availability of hormones. ۔

Fortunately, research has come forward that is not just a size specific, but a specific breed for 35 generations! So, here we are going to discuss the ideal times for spying or neutering your dog.

First of all, let’s do some home capping …

The boxer is playing ball while running on the field.
Such strenuous exercise? It is not really recommended to try directly after surgery or neutering surgery. Post-Surgery Recovery: 12 Ideas to Keep Your Dog Happy and Fun

This is a male dog’s surgical castration – usually by removing its testicles (sorry for the excuse! Are important for the development of dogs – emotionally and physically.

Like neutering, spina bifida is a form of surgical castration that removes the ovaries and often the fallopian tubes with it. This means that your baby cannot grow, but it also means that she is missing some important hormones.

This procedure can be done at an additional cost in keyhole surgery, although it is much better for recovery times.

Suggested age:

Men – 2 years old

Woman – 2 years old

Consistency is a relief here, I would say. Again, there seems to be a lot of boxers left, both men and women – which means we know these numbers are really reliable. It’s definitely interesting to see the difference between the different races!

Boxer dogs.
Boxer dogs. Is she cute or what! Your child’s age is really important as a factor in their future health as you consider surgery or neutering surgery. If you need more information about the process, go ahead. Reversible Spay and Neutral Information Center!

The study says that this is a brief overview of the damage done to the breed, depending on when their surgical castration (spay or neutering) was performed. The purpose of providing this information is to provide you with all the information you need to make the best decision.

Errors included.Cranial cruciate ligament tear or rupture, Hip dysplasia, Elbow dysplasia.

Includes cancer.Lymphoma., Hemangiomasarcoma., Mast cell tumor., Bone cancer (Osteosarcoma.),

Gender age
Surgical castration.
Risk of malfunction. Risk of cancer.
Men Less than 6 months. 3 22
Men 6 to 11 months. 2 17
Men 12 to 23 months. 3 32
Men 2 years to 8 years. 0 10
Men Intact 2 17
Woman Less than 6 months. 2 16
Woman 6 to 11 months. 3 14
Woman 12 to 23 months. 0 20
Woman 2 years to 8 years. 5 9
Woman Intact 2 11
Comes from Assistance in deciding the age of neutering for 35 breeds of dogs: joint dysfunction, cancer and urinary incontinence (Hart et al., 2020) 761 boxers were monitored over 15 years to collect this data.
  • 2 in Persistent women developed Piometra.
  • Urinary incontinence was observed in 1-2% of women.
  • Memory cancer has not been seen in women of any age.

Unfortunately, lymphoma and mast cell tumors are important for boxers. The rate of cancer is much higher than in other races. So, anything. Can What to do Is there anything that should be done in my opinion, such information is so invaluable when you see your own dog.

While the 2 year phase is suggested by the study, it is definitely your best option compared to other options. But to be honest? I think these figures speak for themselves.

While for women, you. May Consider retaining them? This is definitely not an option for boys when they have cancer.

The good news is that each of these groups has a solid sample size, so there are numbers. Beautiful Reliable for a total of 761 dogs with 220 intact males, 203 neutered males, 128 intact females and 210 spade females.

What if you are doing what I am doing and looking at this research and reconsidering? It is good to know that other options are available.

Yes! Assuming that these problems are due to a lack of hormones (which is definitely a problem!) – there are some ways to maintain hormones but not easy growth.

For girls


This is a surgical removal of the uterus and only. Go Of the Philippine tubes! Removing them means that your baby is without the ability to reproduce – however – as she maintains her ovaries, hormones will still be produced and this should mean that her The level of risk is the same as that of an intact woman – without the risk of pyometra! However, is there a risk that growth may persist? Which can be very dangerous if a man tries to breed with her.

Boxer dog training.

Hyper Boxer Puppy?

Need help? I want to know
What to do with all this bounce?

For boys


Tubes that run through tests are called Go to Differences – These are the things that are cut or removed in this example. It releases its hormones (and possibly the desire to breed as a result) but it also means that your dog must have the same risk factors as the whole male.

Chemical castration

Did you know that surgical castration is not legal in Norway? As a result, it is more common in Sweden, Denmark and Norway. Chemical Castration This is an injection that your dog should take every six months to increase testosterone levels. Drops to half. Which is useful for your dog in a temporary neutron. This means you can actually test what can be done with your dog and how it is often used in the UK and US – but not with your dog through a surgical procedure. A great way to put it.

2 boxer dogs playing.
Before and after spinal or neuter surgery, socialization is very important for your boxer.

the study “Assistance in deciding the age of neutering for 35 breeds of dogs: joint dysfunction, cancer and urinary incontinence“(Hart BL, Hart LA, Thugpan AP, Volts NH) was released in July 2020 – it covers 35 different races – and a separate scientific paper for mixed races. A total of 15,414 dogs were tracked during the 15 years.

  1. The age of the dog when neutered or speeded.
  2. Race
  3. Disorders including:
  4. Including cancer

General views in the study

I find it incredibly interesting that there is a specific deviation from race. Before that, I was so busy at camp that it was just a matter of variations for the dogs. Brackets of different sizes – But that doesn’t seem to be the case.

For example, a male Labrador (for which I would assume he was no different from a boxer) actually gets the best results when neutered at 6 months – yet women prefer a slightly older age. (When should I spin or neuter my Labrador? Well here it is!).

So it’s really worth doing your own research on these things.

as usual? Not enough information to make a fully informed decision (for variables!) But, you can definitely get a good idea of ​​it.

It is worth noting that this study is an invaluable guide – and one of the most solid pieces of research – it does not take into account many factors that Will imagine Should be considered. The boundaries I see are as follows

  • Multiple terms not recorded if they fall into the same category,
  • Genetics not considered,
  • The living conditions were not considered,
  • Food quality was not considered,
  • Dog exercise was not considered,
  • The physical condition was not assessed because it had been studied before and no strong correlation was found between the physical condition and the joint problems.

The biggest thing I can say is that while it is a scientific recommendation, when should your boxer remember this at the end of the day? Is Your decision. Only you, as the parent can know for sure. So, do your best – you’ve already found an extraordinary resource – just keep reading.

If you have any questions about your beagle’s spying or neutering, leave them in the comments below! Or check. Reversible Spay and Neutral Information Center! Where you will find answers to all your spy and neutral questions.

Ali and his dog Indy from Rebekah.

Author, Ali Smith.

Ali Smith is a positive dog expert, dog trainer and founder of Rebekah. She has been passionate about helping her dog’s parents fix things since the beginning. To help create a dog that is a reliable and satisfying family member and keeps the dog away from shelters.

Ali has won numerous awards for training his dogs, and has rated his blog (this blog!). Of 2021 The best pet blog in the world!

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