September 23, 2021

What went right: Scotland’s minimum income, more positive news.

Scotland announces minimum income plans

The Scottish Government is developing a ‘minimum income guarantee’ plan to tackle poverty. The scheme aims to provide a minimum acceptable standard of living for everyone in Scotland, ensuring that they have enough money for housing, food and other necessities.

“The guarantee of a minimum income can change the lives of people across Scotland, under which there will be no income,” said Russell Gunson, director of the Scottish Institute for Public Policy Research. “We need to think big ideas to make Scotland a better and stronger Scotland after Cove 19.”

Unlike a universal basic income, which will be given to everyone, regardless of the source, the minimum income guarantee will target low-income people. Proponents say it will reduce poverty and boost the economy. Critics say it will be costly and could end the work.

The Scottish Government has launched a cross-party steering group to advance the policy. It did not provide detailed proposals for the scheme, which would require approval from the Scottish and British governments.

Image: Public Domain Archive.

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