September 18, 2021

What was the real reason for Macy’s departure?

Much has been said about the breakdown of Lionel Messi’s contract with FC Barcelona. New details have surfaced claiming that it is more than a simple fact that the club cannot re-sign a player due to the rules of the La Liga Santander financial festival.

Although rumors are circulating that Argentina will soon be finalizing a deal with French giants Paris Saint-Germain, many are still demanding an answer from Barcelona, ​​especially members of the club who signed Juan Laporta on that basis. But voted to ensure that Macy’s remained.

In a statement issued on Thursday regarding Messi’s departure from Barcelona, ​​he confirmed the news that came out weeks ago. The club and players have reportedly agreed to the terms of a new contract, but Barcelona claim that La Liga’s rules and regulations are the root cause of the final breakdown.

However, according to Brand, The Spanish football-based program “El Cherngioto” has revealed some surprising details as to why the agreement was not reached. According to him, Messi and his father / agent George arrived at a meeting with the club with full confidence that the preconditions would be signed on Thursday.

As mentioned earlier, the new agreement includes a 40% pay cut and a 10% cut, which they have already agreed to by the end of 2020. 70% reduction in salary

George Messi was completely upset and frustrated, as he never expected the club to further amend his previous contract. Rafael Yoste, the club’s vice-president, was said to have received some harsh comments from Messi Sr.

“Are you kidding? It’s not about the money, because my son has already tried to reduce his salary. We’ve been talking for two months and we’re making the renewal official tomorrow. ۔ [Friday]. Are you doing this to us? I didn’t expect that from you, “he said.

Lipporta could not escape the wrath, with George allegedly accusing Messi of using him to win the presidential election in March. Lipporta reassured club members that his main mission was to persuade Messi to stay, and that he would continue to do so until the player’s departure was finally announced. After that, he blamed La Liga, the rules and regulations of which he wanted to bend.

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi is leaving Barcelona.
George Guerrero / AFP

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