October 25, 2021

What the Glasgow Celtics and Rangers achieved in 1974.

It was an important day for Celtic – Here, Bobby Lynx fired wide shots when Falkirk keeper Eli Donaldson achieved his goal, which was to be a row match in the Celtic League winner, April 9, 1974.

Rangers Star Quentin Young competes against the Walls of Dumbarton in September 1974.

Glasgow Times: George Conley is in action for Celtic against Air United on March 16, 1974.  Photo: NewsQuest

He was a great talent but George Connolly aka ‘The Lost Celt’ left Park Head Club in 1975 at the age of 26.

Glasgow Times: Rangers players celebrate with the Scottish Cup in January 1974.  The players are in the back row.  LR ALFIE CONN, PETER MCLOY, DEREK PARLANE.  Front LR, Quentin Young, Alec MacDonald, Tommy McLean and Willie Matheson.  Photo news.

Rangers players from left to right, Conn, McLean, Parleen, and front, left to right, Young, McDonald, McLane and Matheson, celebrating with the Scottish Cup in January 1974.

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