What prize does the MasterChef winner receive?

MASTERCHEF returns to our screens with a brand new series and a new batch of amateur chefs.

45 applicants will be tested, but there can only be one winner.


MasterChef returns with 18 episodes on BBC OneCredit: Shine TV/BBC

What prize does the MasterChef winner receive?

John Thorode and Gregg Wallace are back as judges for the culinary competition, which has been running since 2005.

Forty-five passionate and talented applicants enter the competition before being reduced to one winner.

The 2022 amateur chefs represent all walks of life, including the NHS worker, theater director, beer bike guide, childcare worker, bank manager and retired head teacher.

There is no cash prize for the winner, but the champion receives the coveted MasterChef trophy.

Here'S What Past Masterchef Uk Winners Do
Who Are Masterchef Judges John Thorode And Gregg Wallace?

The main attraction of winning the competition is recognition, prestige and fame, not money.

In the past, finalists have opened their own restaurants or started culinary careers.

The MasterChef trophy is the show’s logo; the letter “m” surrounded by two circles.

It is made of polished aluminum and mounted on a multi-level aluminum base.

The creators of the award, Gaudio, say on their website, “The MasterChef trophy is instantly recognizable and treasured by the winners.”

In 2012, the trophy was redesigned.

Where are the past winners now?

  • Series 1, 2005 – Thomasina Myers. Co-founded the Mexican restaurant chain Wahaca.
  • 2 series, 2006 – Peter Bayless. Publishes “My Father Could Only Boil Cornflakes” and teaches at various culinary schools.
  • 3 series, 2007 – Steve Wallis. Became Head of Culinary Innovation at Two Sisters Food Group.
  • 4 series, 2008 – James Nathan. Opened the Green Room restaurant in Cornwall and purchased the St Enodoc Hotel in Rock.
  • Episode 5, 2009 – Matt Fallas. He has written two cookbooks and opened Bramble Cafe and Deli in Dorset with his wife.
  • Episode 6, 2010 – Druv Baker. Wrote Spice: Layers of Flavor and the children’s cookbook Spice Story and co-owned Earlsfield Kitchen and The Jolly Gardeners in Wandsworth.
  • Episode 7, 2011 – Tim Anderson. He opened the Nanban Japanese restaurant in Shoreditch and wrote the book Nanban: Japanese Soul Food.
  • Episode 8, 2012 – Shelina Permallu. Wrote Sunshine On A Plate and opened Lakaz Maman in Southampton.
  • Episode 9, 2013 – Natalie Coleman. She has written her own cookbook and is head chef at The Winchmore Pub in London.
  • Series 10, 2014 – Ping Coombs. She published her first book in 2016 and is a culinary partner and chef.
  • Episode 11, 2015 – Simon Wood. Opened his first restaurant called Wood on Manchester First Street.
  • Series 12, 2016 – Jane Devonshire. Jane is currently writing her debut cookbook.
  • Series 13, 2017 – Dr. Saliha Mahmoud Ahmed. He maintains his own website, where he runs a culinary school for the experienced.
  • Series 14, 2018 – Kenny TutHe is opening a new two-story restaurant in his hometown of Worthing, expected to open in May.
  • Series 15, 2019 – Irini Tsortsoglu. She published her first book, Under the Olive Tree: Recipes for My Greek Cuisine..
  • Series 1, 2020 – Thomas Freik. He took part in Fantastic Food Festivals in 2021.
  • Episode 17, 2021 – Tom Rhodes. He now has his own cooking website and is an Instagram influencer.

When is the MasterChef finale?

The BBC has yet to set a date for the MasterChef final.

But since the show is seven weeks long, the final episode is due to air in mid-May 2022.

As soon as we know, we’ll let you know here.

When is MasterChef on TV?

MasterChef starts TODAY (March 23, 2022) at 8pm on BBC One.

On Friday (March 23, 2022) at 20:00 there will also be a double poster of the show.

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The good news for fans is that the series has a whopping 24 episodes.

The show will run for seven weeks, with three episodes per week.

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