October 18, 2021

What Happened This Week: Climate Solutions, More Positive News

A project was launched to demonstrate climate solutions.

From organic roof farms in India to power plants in Scandinavia, the climate crisis is affecting innovation and creativity around the world.

Celebrating the answer to humanity’s greatest challenge is a new online photography project, which looks positive. Climate change solutionsA From lower level to industrial.

Climate views. Not ashamed of the severity of the crisis The solution is accompanied by images that highlight what is at stake. At its heart, however, is a display of hope and opportunity.

The project was started by Climate access, A UK charity that puts people at the center of the climate debate. It was founded in 2004 to increase engagement around a topic that was largely scientifically debated.

Photos are free for organizations that discuss the climate crisis. An selection will be on display at the upcoming Cop26 Climate Summit in Glasgow.

Image: Raphael Pout / Climate visual countdown.

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