What happened in the fifth season of Peaky Blinders?

Peaky Blinders will return after a two-year wait with the latest series.

Here’s a rundown of some of the major events that have taken place in past seasons…


Peaky Blinders first aired on BBC One in 2013.Credit: Caryn Mandabach Productions Ltd, 2017

What happened in Peaky Blinders Episode 5?

In the final season of Peaky Blinders, which aired in 2019, Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) is speaking in Parliament, with Ada serving as his new political adviser.

Michael returns to Birmingham with his new lover Gina, and Linda finally leaves Arthur after being fed up with his immoral ways.

Tommy is ambushed by the Scottish gang Billy Boys.

The gang kill Bonnie and brutally attack him.

Aberama wants to avenge her boy, but Tommy offers his hand to Polly.

A wayward MP named Oswald Mosley convinces Tommy to join a group called the British Union of Fascists.

Tommy joins the group to infiltrate and destroy it.

Linda is killed by Polly after she approaches Arthur in an attempt to kill him.

The crew discovers that Solomon is not actually dead and hides in Margate.

The series finally ends with an insane Tommy with a gun to his head, which has left fans wary of what’s to come in the new season.

What has already happened in Peaky Blinders?

First season

The story of the Shelby family begins when the family accidentally steals a crate of illegal weapons.

We then see Tommy’s rivals and Inspector Campbell fall in love with a girl named Grace (Annabelle Wallis), who actually works as a spy.

When Tommy makes Grace his secretary, giving her access to his personal illegal deals.

The cunning Tommy then decides to convince Billy Kimber, the leader of most races, to join forces against the Lee family.

Tommy then makes a truce with Lee when his brother John marries their family member, Esme.

Shelby and Lee then team up against Billy Kimber, leading to multiple betrayals and backstabs.

Grace then gives DI Campbell the location of the illegal drugs and resigns from her position as a spy.

Billy kills a gang member named Danny, forcing Tommy to kill Billy on the spot.

When the Peaky Blinders finally get their license, their business is legal.

Tommy later finds out that Grace is a spy, but still can’t help but love her no matter what.

She tries to convince him to run away with her, but ends up getting into a confrontation with DI Campbell.

A gunshot rings out, which ends the first season, leaving viewers wondering who was shot.

Second season

As the second season begins, fans learn that it was actually Grace who was shot by Campbell.

However, Campbell survives the shot and continues to live for another day.

Ada Shelby’s husband then dies of the plague, which causes her to move from Birmingham to London.

In the second season, Tommy was hired by the IRA to carry out an assassination.

The Shelby boys then decide to visit Italian gangster Darby Sabini’s club in London and carry out a furious attack.

As the gang beat Tommy to a pulp, Campbell shows up and offers Tommy a job for Churchill.

Desperate Aunt Polly tries to find her lost children by visiting a medium.

Tommy then tracks down her son Michael, who later shows up to find his mom, and the couple is reborn.

During a boxing match, Arthur experiences flashbacks to a war that causes him to accidentally kill a teenager.

Guilt leads Arthur down a bad road, and he begins to take cocaine to cope with the strong feelings he begins to experience.

We are then introduced to Alfie Solomons when Tommy tries to convince him to betray Sabini.

Grace finally returns to Birmingham from America with her husband, and she and Tommy reunite romantically.

Solomons has a change of heart about Shelby and teams up with Sabini to kill some of the gang.

Arthur and Michael are then arrested and Campbell offers to release Michael if Aunt Polly (Helen McCrory) agrees to a “easy deal”.

The Shelby Gang is then seen burning Sabini’s bookmaker’s license and stealing their bets in revenge.

Things quickly escalate when Grace discovers she is pregnant and Aunt Polly shoots and kills DI Campbell.

At the conclusion of the second season, Tommy is kidnapped and nearly killed, but Churchill decides he can still be useful to his operation.

Third season

Grace and Tommy get married and enjoy a posh new home.

That same night, a Russian intruder was killed after giving the wrong code for a money transfer and was killed.

Archduke Romanov thanks Tommy for killing the intruder by giving him a sapphire.

Unfortunately, Grace is later murdered at a fashion charity event after being shot by an assassin posing as a guest.

A heartbroken Tommy then plans to steal the jewels from the Russians and send his boys to dig a tunnel.

The gang successfully obtained the jewels and blew up the train in the process.

After the money from the booty is distributed, all family members are arrested.

However, Tommy is the only one who is not arrested and is allowed to go free.

Fourth season

This fourth season begins with family members being sentenced to death by hanging.

A last-minute deal saves them at the very last moment, and the family begins to fall apart.

Arthur and John decide to leave and start receiving a flurry of hate mail from their rival Luca Changretta.

Luke’s gang shoots and kills John, while Michael is wounded.

The attack brings Shelby back together for more drama and disaster.

The family hires a hitman named Aberama Gold, who in turn orders the family to take his son Bonnie, a young boxer, under their wing.

Aunt Polly makes a deal with Luca to save her son Michael’s life in exchange for Tommy.

When Tommy is lured into a meeting, he ends up getting into a shootout with Luka after colluding with Aunt Polly to frame Luka.

Tommy fakes his own death and shoots Luka, essentially ending a long-running feud.

On a lighter note, Lizzie reveals she is pregnant with Tommy’s child, and Polly and Aberama Gold make love in the woods.

Arthur is then suddenly killed in a boxing match, which causes Tommy great pain as he tearfully announces “My brother is dead!”

At Arthur’s funeral, Audrey Changretta appears, waving a white flag in an attempt to broker a truce.

Tommy suddenly changes his narrative when he decides to become the MP for Birmingham South.

When will the last episode on the BBC air?

Peaky Blinders will air on BBC One this Sunday (27 February 2022).

The new series will premiere at 21:00 and will be the last series.

Those wishing to follow the series can do so at BBC iPlayer.

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