What did Nicola Sturgeon say today? When will Scotland lift Covid restrictions on face masks and vaccination passports?

What did Nicola Sturgeon say today? When Scotland ends Covid restrictions on face masks and vaccine passports (Image credit: Andy Buchanan/AFP via Getty Images)

After Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday that England’s remaining coronavirus rules would soon be lifted, Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon announced on Tuesday (February 22) that the country’s own legal rules put in place to curb the spread of Covid. will also be relaxed. .



Covid Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon announces the end of vaccine passports as a face mask …

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Nicola Sturgeon told Holyrood today that the current Covid restrictions, which require the use of vaccine passports and the wearing of face masks in enclosed public spaces, will be phased out as part of a new framework that involves a “sustainable return to normality.”

“This new approach will result in us being much less likely to — hopefully not at all — resort to statutory safeguards,” Ms Sturgeon said.

“Instead, we will rely predominantly on vaccines, treatments, and sensible public health behaviors and adaptations.”

And, after warning that Covid remains a public health risk now and in the future, Ms Sturgeon announced that legal restrictions on Covid in Scotland would be eased along with those in England.

Here are the Covid rules that will stop in Scotland and when they will stop.

When will Scotland run out of Covid vaccine passports?

Scotland’s current coronavirus regulations requiring nightclubs, football stadiums and other venues to check the vaccine status of Scots when entering with vaccine passports will end on Monday, Feb. 28, Ms Sturgeon said on Tuesday.

This means that from February 28th, staff at locations previously considered high risk for the spread of Covid will no longer be required by law to check if visitors have been fully vaccinated or have tested negative upon entry.

The First Minister said the NHS Scotland Covid Status app and its app for checking locations used to support the scheme can still be used if businesses want to continue checking customer vaccination and testing status.

When will Scottish mask rules end?

Nicola Sturgeon also announced on Tuesday that the current Scottish Covid restrictions on masks and face coverings will be lifted as regulations loosen in the country.

As of Monday, March 21, face masks will no longer be required by law to be worn in enclosed public places such as hotel establishments, healthcare facilities and public transport, with recommendations changing next month instead.

But the First Minister said the Scottish government would continue to “strongly recommend” the wearing of face masks in shops and other enclosed public places.

The lifting of face covering rules in Scotland would change the country’s Covid rules to match those in England, where face masks are not required by law in indoor public places from the end of January.

The lifting of mask rules in Scotland on 21 March will also be joined by the lifting of legal requirements for businesses, service providers and places of worship to heed the Scottish government’s guidance on Covid and collect and store customer contact details for contact tracing purposes.

Will lockdown requirements in Scotland end?

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said Tuesday that while legal requirements will be relaxed, rules regarding testing and self-isolation will remain in place.

Ms Sturgeon said that while the self-isolation period itself, which is currently seven or 10 days depending on vaccination status, will remain under consideration, people who test positive for coronavirus will still be asked to self-isolate in Scotland.

And as the phasing out of free sideflow testing looms in England, the First Minister confirmed that sideflow and PCR tests will remain free of charge during the transition period.

Those with Covid symptoms are still advised to get a PCR test, while sidestream testing recommendations will be relaxed to ask people to get tested twice a week rather than before going out to socialize with others or chat.

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