What Big Jet TV landing looked like from INSIDE the cockpit as the pilot filmed the plane heading down during Storm Eunice at 122 mph.

A PILOT captured the incredible moment as he steered the plane down during Storm Eunice at 192 mph.

Qatar Airways captain Khalifa Al Thani kept one hand firmly on the control yoke and the other on the plane’s throttle as he fought the wind.


Qatar Airways captain Khalifa Al Thani fired on the cockpit as the plane landed.1 credit
The Captain Battled Strong Winds From Storm Eunice To Land At Heathrow.


The captain battled strong winds from Storm Eunice to land at Heathrow.1 credit

He constantly made adjustments, and his co-pilot kept an eye on the instruments until he took his eyes off the runway during the landing approach at Heathrow Airport.

Former F1 world champion Damon Hill said: “That’s respectable.”

Wind gusts hit 70 mph at the airport yesterday, with the UK’s highest wind speed reaching a killer 122 mph.

More than 200,000 people watched the YouTube channel, which filmed planes trying to land during yesterday’s storm at its peak, and a total of six million tuned in.

Big Jet broadcaster Jeremy Diver said, “The great thing is when you come back from something like this, especially when there was so much drama, you get messages from people on different platforms saying, ‘I was terrified of flying.’ ‘.

“But when they see a demonstration of a pilot’s skills, they say, ‘I feel a lot more confident just because I have complete trust in the pilots.'”

Hundreds of flights were canceled at Heathrow and Gatwick airports on Friday. One easyJet flight from Bordeaux aborted twice at Gatwick before being forced back to the French city.

Airports across the UK have warned passengers to check their flights and arrive early if they are departing.

It comes as the British face another blow from extreme weather that will thwart the £500m storm Eunice cleanup.

Storm Eunice hit the UK on Friday morning after the Met Office issued a rare red life-threatening warning.

The Needles on the Isle of Wight had previously recorded winds of 122 miles per hour, the highest ever recorded in England.

The previous record was 118 mph at Gwennap Head in Cornwall in 1979.

The footage shows planes attempting to land in high winds, damage to the roof of the O2 Arena in London and the spire of St Thomas’ Church in Wells, Somerset, crashing to the ground.

In Croydon, striking footage shows pedestrians being knocked down.

Part of the roof of the O2 in London was also torn off and staff warned that the establishment could be closed for several months.

Power lines were also downed and roofs torn down as thousands of people were affected by the blackout.

The O2 May Be Closed For Several Months After Storm Eunice Ripped Off Its Roof, Staff Said.


The O2 may be closed for several months after Storm Eunice ripped off its roof, staff said.1 credit
The Roof Of A House In Bittern, Southampton, Was Completely Torn Off Before The Wind Blew The Street Away.


The roof of a house in Bittern, Southampton, was completely torn off before the wind blew the street away.1 credit
Parked Cars In Bridport, Dorset, Were Crushed By The Fall Of A Huge Tree.


Parked cars in Bridport, Dorset, were crushed by the fall of a huge tree.1 credit

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