September 20, 2021

We’ve seen the latest coveted additions in the past, and the vaccine rollout ramp is good.

Scotland seems to be finally going through the peak of the latest outbreak of the virus, which made us the coveted capital of Europe.

But now we need to get ready for winter. The current plan, as autumn sets, is for a limited vaccine passport scheme in addition to the booster jabs, vaccines for children aged 12-15.

Nicola Sturgeon has to hold his nerves and face any further resistance.


Nicola Sturgeon has to hold his nerves and face any further resistance.Credit: PA
FM confirmed that children aged 12-15 would be vaccinated.


FM confirmed that children aged 12-15 would be vaccinated.Credit: Scholar

The Scottish Sun welcomes the acceleration of the vaccine program.

The same cannot be said of vaccine passports – at least so far – given the uncertainty surrounding the rules, just a fortnight away from their introduction.

On the job for children – as we said earlier this week – the Scottish Government must be clear and reasonable in determining the risks and benefits for children.

Given that four chief medical officers have supported the move, it should give parents confidence.

This issue, which has signaled a balance, the CMOs argued would help keep schools open. We have to be careful to keep things in perspective.

Schools have clearly contributed to the increase in cases in recent weeks, as children and teachers return to testing twice a week.

But as well-known academics have pointed out, the rise in Scotland actually began before the return of students.

This winter, we must strive for as much as possible for children and the rest of society.

This includes getting rid of masks for children in schools as soon as possible.

And for Nicola Sturgeon, it means holding on to her nerves and resisting further restraint that will undoubtedly demand punishment.

Our hero

How proud the sun was yesterday to honor the jaw-dropping bravery of paramedics McHip Grave and Dina Evans.

Mack saved Dina’s life when the two were stabbed to death during a callout.

He deserves a standing ovation from his “999 hero” Gong, his passionate tribute to Prince William, and the star-studded audience at our Hugh Cares winning awards.

One of the most amazing stories of his courage and selflessness was at the NHS’s annual celebration, after another year of being affected by coyotes.

We thank all the people who made the glitter possible.

You can participate in this experience when Channel 4 screens it on Sunday evenings.

And we will publish all the winners and their great stories in Monday’s newspaper.

One won.

A few Flickr members of her family may be a nightmare, but at least the Queen can always count on her race horse.

This year has been the best so far as owner, with 32 winners. His prize money of 4 60,460,000 will not be sniffed.

This is a small thing for the day of the kingdom.

The Scots NHS Walkers will be the first to receive a third coveted job as announced by the Booster Scheme.

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