Western Trust vaccination clinics go mobile again

The Western Trust continues to operate weekly from its vaccination centers in Londonderry, Omeh and Enniskillen, but said nine mobile clinics will operate across the Trust’s geographic area over the next month.

A full list of future Mobile Vaccine Clinics in the Londonderry area includes:

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Tue Feb 22 Former House of Values, Strand Road

Western Trust has launched a number of walking clinics.

Tuesday, March 1 Shantallow Community Center,

Wed 2nd Mar Vale Centre, Greysteel,

Tue Mar 8 Bishops Field, Central Drive, Creggan.

Clinics will operate from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm at each location or until maximum capacity is reached. ID must be provided for any age 12+.

Online booking for all upcoming clinics is now available here.

The telephone reservation line is also available on 028 7161 0753 from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00.

A limited number of spaces will be available at each location on a first come, first serve basis, but advance booking is recommended to avoid delays and ensure the clinic runs smoothly.

According to current guidance:

Anyone 12 years of age or older can get the first dose of the vaccine.

Second doses may only be given to persons over 12 years of age who have received their first dose at least eight weeks prior.

Booster shots are available to anyone over the age of 18 who received their second dose at least 12 weeks ago.

Adults must wait at least 28 days after a positive COVID test or positive COVID symptoms before receiving a first, second, or booster shot.

As the foundation prepares to relaunch its vaccination program, Western Trust Human Resources Director and Head of Vaccine Program Karen Hargan urged all who qualify to get vaccinated:

“This latest phase of an extensive vaccination program is all about affordability. We understand that some people, for whatever reason, were unable to visit our mass vaccination centers or the vaccination centers we currently work with.

“With this series of clinics, we are creating clinics right in the middle of communities, both urban and rural, to make vaccination as accessible as possible to the local population.

“Despite the easing of restrictions, COVID-19 has not gone away. Vaccination remains the best way to protect yourself, your family and your community, and I encourage everyone who is eligible to do so. You are not fully vaccinated if you have not received all available immunizations, including boosters where necessary, to ensure the highest level of immunity.”

Remember that people 18 years of age and older can also order a first, second, or booster dose of Moderna vaccine from their local participating pharmacy, regardless of which first dose you received. Detailed information about participating pharmacies can be found here.

For the latest information on upcoming clinics and the Western Trust vaccination program, visit the Western Trust Vaccination web page.

If you are planning to visit one of our vaccination clinics, please do not do so if you:

Currently not feeling well with a high temperature or fever

You have had your first positive test for COVID-19 in the last 28 days

You have been advised to self-isolate

Everyone attending the clinic walk is reminded to wear a face covering (unless medically precluded), practice social distancing rules and, if possible, carry your Health Care Number (HCN) and photo ID .

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