‘We’ll get this fight’ – Floyd Mayweather calls coach Kell Brook for exhibition fight after Amir Khan win

Kell Brook’s trainer Dominic Ingle called out Floyd Mayweather after they finally outplayed Aamir Khan.

Khan spent several wasted years of his prime chasing a mega-money fight with Mayweather to no avail.


Kell Brook and coach Dominic EngleImage Credit & Copyright: Richard Pelham / The Sun
Kell Brook'S Trainer Dominic Ingle Called Out Floyd Mayweather.


Kell Brook’s trainer Dominic Ingle called out Floyd Mayweather.Credit: Sean Michael Ham

Likewise, Brook tried and failed in his attempts to get his British rival into the ring and appeared to have missed for good.

But in the end, they agreed on terms that set up a spectacular night at the Manchester Arena, where Brook finally proved himself right.

He dominated Khan to win in six rounds and conversations in the post-fight press conference soon turned to what or who would be next for the ex-IBF champion.

But it was longtime trainer Ingle who gave away boxing legend Mayweather’s name.

He told promoter Ben Shalom: “Wherever there are other fights, whether he needs to do anything else is another question.

“Because you are always remembered for your last fight. But in this performance, they are both 35 years old, they are not spring chickens.

“There should be good fights. I think maybe get Mayweather out of retirement and we’ll get this fight.”

Mayweather, 44, officially hung up his gloves in 2017 after defeating UFC superstar Conor McGregor, 33, with prize money.

But the richest fighter of all time returned to the ring twice, both in demonstration fights.

The first was in Tokyo on New Year’s Eve 2018, when he defeated 23-year-old Japanese kickboxer Tenshin Nasukawa in a single round.

Then last June it was covered by 26-year-old YouTube star Logan Paul, who weighed TWO STONES more to make up for the farcical disparity in skills.

In December, Mayweather held a press conference in which he announced that he would fight on top of the HELIPAD of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah hotel.

Middle Eastern blogger Money Kicks (real name Rashed Belhasa) was in talks to become an adversary, but talks fell through.

So Brook’s coach suggested the Brit as a replacement, even though it’s an exhibition against breaking the American’s 50-0 record.

Ingle said: “He seems to want to fight everyone who is not a boxer. But why not? If it can be done, Ben, obviously you are a man.

“You’re new to the area, so get in touch with Floyd and whether it’s an exhibition or a fight, we can probably make it happen.”

Amir Khan Lost To Kell Brook In Six Rounds.


Amir Khan lost to Kell Brook in six rounds.Image Credit & Copyright: Richard Pelham / The Sun

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