Weather in the UK – Brits will bask in 20 degrees Celsius today, with the spring heat lasting seven days

SPRING is here – and the British will be basking in a seven-day heatwave as mercury rises to a pleasant 20 degrees Celsius this week.

On the hottest day of the year, temperatures across the country soared.


Maria Ingrassia, 29, traveled from London to Southend to splash in the sea as temperatures soared this week.Credit: Louis Wood
In Some Areas, The Mercury Column Will Rise To 20 Degrees, Although The Sea Remains Very Cold, As Swimmers At Durdle Door, Dorset, Are Well Aware.


In some areas, the mercury column will rise to 20 degrees, although the sea remains very cold, as swimmers at Durdle Door, Dorset, are well aware.Credit: © Graham Hunt
Visitors Flocked To Birmingham'S Cannon Hill Park To Soak Up The Sun.


Visitors flocked to Birmingham’s Cannon Hill Park to soak up the sun.1 credit
Lucy And Sophie Evans Had A Picnic In Bute Park, Cardiff.


Lucy and Sophie Evans had a picnic in Bute Park, Cardiff.1 credit
Met Office Weather Forecasters Said Today Was The Warmest Day Of The Year.


Met Office weather forecasters said today was the warmest day of the year.

This afternoon temperatures reached 20.7°C in north Wales and 20.5°C in west London as daytime temperatures reached 10°C higher than the March average.

And the blue sky and bright sun will remain when the high pressure system rushes in from the east.

Those living in the south, including Londoners and Cambridge residents, are likely to see the warmest days this week.

After a warm weekend that hit 20.2C in Kinlochev, Scotland, Met Office forecaster Aidan McGivern said millions of people could look forward to “at least another seven days” of sunshine.

“There will be more spring sun for the rest of the week,” he said.

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“High pressure towards the east then becomes increasingly concentrated over the UK from Wednesday to Thursday and Friday.

“This high pressure is not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. There will be plenty of warm sun for at least the next seven days.”

Mornings can stay chilly and Scots can wake up to -3C.

However, for the rest of the country, it is likely to remain above zero.

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Mr McGivern said it could rain in some central areas this morning, but any clouds would “dissipate” by noon.

“In most cases, the temperature is much higher than the average for this time of year,” he said.

People are already heading to the beaches and parks to make the most of the surprise of early spring, and online searches for garden furniture have skyrocketed.

Visitors to Cambridge took off their jackets as they enjoyed strolls along the River Cam yesterday, while in London office workers spent their lunch breaks on the grass near Tower Bridge.

Two swimmers even put on swimming trunks before diving into the water at Durdle Door, Dorset.

This week, the country will be warmer than Rome, and only 16 degrees Celsius is expected in the Italian capital.

Meteorologist Greg Dewhurst said: ‘We’re only going to keep high pressure just east of the UK this week, meaning the weather will be mostly dry with some sunny spells.

“There is a strange exception: Monday in the Midlands can only be an isolated downpour, possibly Tuesday in northern England, but they will be very isolated and most places will be dry and sunny.”

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And Jim Dale, meteorologist for the British Weather Service, added: “We are expecting very pleasant spring weather.

“This will certainly bring the warmest time this year to the spring equinox.”

Friends Took Off Their Coats When They Met In St. James Park For A Cup Of Coffee.


Friends took off their coats when they met in St. James Park for a cup of coffee.1 credit
Office Workers Enjoyed Their Lunch Breaks Outside Due To Rising Temperatures


Office workers enjoyed their lunch breaks outside due to rising temperatures1 credit
Three-Year-Old Jack Peacock Made Friends With A Newborn Lamb At Coombs Farm In Lansing, Sussex.


Three-year-old Jack Peacock made friends with a newborn lamb at Coombs Farm in Lansing, Sussex.Credit: Eddie Mitchell 07771605974

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