October 18, 2021

We will collect shards. We will do even better. Medoza’s special correspondent Anastasia Yakuruva talks about how Natura Siberica is collapsing after the death of its founder, Andrei Trobnikov.

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Save Medusa!

Andrei Turbnikov, the founder of the cosmetics company Natura Siberica, was called a tyrant, an intelligent, a provocative and an insightful man – he willingly agreed. Turbnikov often reiterated that he hates business plans, does not budget, does not cooperate with marketers and relies on intuition in everything. “Chaos is the highest form of order,” he said in an interview with Forbes, referring to Nietzsche’s work (this was his last interview). However, only Trubnikov himself could handle the chaos: Immediately after his death, Natura Siberica began to break down rapidly. Medoza’s special correspondent Anastasia Yakurova tried to figure out whether Andre Trobanikov’s heirs would be able to end the war and prevent the company from being completely destroyed – or perhaps they would no longer need it.

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