October 22, 2021

We have spent tens of thousands on surgery.

To freeze Linda Evangelista’s greasy fat from Tom Cruise’s mildew-filled face – it’s easy to see when cosmetic treatments go wrong.

But what happens when they do well?

It is difficult to say that these four women have spent tens of thousands on cosmetic treatment.


It is difficult to say that these four women have spent tens of thousands on cosmetic treatment.

Most of us have a laid back attitude when it comes to painting a picture about a loved one.

It is difficult to say that these four women have spent tens of thousands on cosmetic treatment. They have gone under the knife for a variety of reasons – breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery and whole body correction, including liposuction, tummy tuck and bomb lift.

Actress Jamie Lee Curtis, 62, recently criticized the craze for cosmetic surgery: They are wiping out generations of beauty. “

Not all of these women, who have struggled with low self-esteem, agree with Jamie Lee.

Read on to find out why Jade, Nicola, Donna and Sarah decided to have surgery – and what they did.

Sarah – £ 6,000 Eyelift.

Sarah Blake, 44, is a writer and lives with her mother, Tredy, in Rebel Valley, Linux, 67. She spent 000 6,000 on an eyelid lift in June 2019. She says:

“When I think of old age, it gives me panic attacks, which is why I decided to lift my eyelids. I wanted to look young.

Sarah spent 000 6,000 on an eyelid lift in June 2019.


Sarah spent 000 6,000 on an eyelid lift in June 2019.

I look at other women and see how good their eye shadow looks while my eyelids are sunken. I was jealous and self-conscious of how tired I looked.

So I did a lot of research on it and opted for surgery which involved cutting the lids and pulling them back. But soon after, he suffered a terrible depression. My face was bruised and bruised and I was nervous. It was a really difficult recovery, which lasted for months.

My life didn’t change the way I wanted to, and the fact is, I was still in my 40’s. Now, I’m happy with my surgery. However, that has not changed how I feel inside myself – I am still scared of the aging process. I also get Botox, but with every thin line that appears on my forehead, my heart sinks.

No matter how difficult the rehabilitation was, I will not necessarily refuse further surgery. But I know that this is a big operation, not a direct life solution. “

Nicola – £ 3,500 Bob Job.

Security worker Nicola Turner, 35, lives in Baselden, Essex, with her partner, Blacker, 36, and daughter Violet, 7. She had a breast augmentation in 2010. She says:

“I’m proud to admit that I’ve got a bob job. I’m not ashamed at all and I like to wear my 32H breasts in low cut tops and skim clothes.

Nicola had her breasts worked in 2010 and loved to jump.


Nicola had her breasts worked in 2010 and loved to jump.

My surgery came when I was a teenager in a private clinic in London making my own gold jewelry. My mother acquired me when I was a teenager.

It really wasn’t a big deal. I decided to complete them just six weeks ago and the operation, where I had implants in my muscles, was straightforward and easy to recover.

The jewelry didn’t have much emotional value and my new breasts – which I’m changing next year when they start to fall off – have given me a lot of joy.

I’m only less than 6 feet tall and I thought my back 34C breasts were too small. I was embarrassed about how I looked in clothes and tote tops.

Blocks never said anything important about my implants, although he admits they feel a little tighter than natural breasts.

I don’t think about the fact that I got my breasts done. I only remember when I wore a tight fitting dress or a scampi crossover top – and I realized how much I loved them. “

Jade -, 5,500 nose job.

Jade Dover, 33, a marketing and mindfulness coach, lives with her children in Renham, Kent, nine-year-old Selena and five-year-old Safia. He spent 00 5,500 on a nose job in May 2009. She says:

At school, I was annoyed by my nose. The girls called me a “hook-nose” – she was so naughty. It hurt my self-esteem.

Jade feels much more confident after her nose job.


Jade feels much more confident after her nose job.

If a man came to me in a club and started gossiping with me, I always thought it was some kind of courage and his teammates would be laughing.

In 2009, after I completed my undergraduate degree, I started saving for 5,500 nose jobs, which I had in May this year. I knew I would need to get a job and the thought of sitting down for an interview with a runny nose really bothered me. My surgery lasted a few hours and was under general anesthesia. The surgeon broke my nose, reshaped it, recorded the bump and lifted the tip.

A few weeks later, when the bandages were removed, I liked my new nose. My family and friends can see the difference, not only in my appearance but also in my confidence.

In my work I try to improve people’s self esteem and I believe this is something that should come from within.

But I don’t think I cheated. My nose was something I hated, so I fixed it. However, I will not have further surgery. “

Donna -, 12,500 complete physical transformation.

Donna Lambert, 34, is a housewife living in Wakford, Essex, with her children, a seven-year-old wife and five-year-old Emily. He has spent 12,500 on whole body rehabilitation. She says:

“My” Mimi Transformation “consists of 5,500 bob jobs and 7,000 lower body lifts, including abdominal tuck, muscle repair, butt lift, liposuction, arm lift and mons lift (where your The navel area has been raised.

Donna went to Turkey to have her operation.


Donna went to Turkey to have her operation.

“I never liked my body. I was 17 in the mid-20s and by 2017, I lost 3rd in the gym.

“I did my breast job in 2017 and I was on the moon with my new supersize pair. Then I wanted my itchy skin to be removed.

I had a full bodylift in 2020, but this time I flew to Turkey. If I had the equivalent surgery in the UK, it would have cost 17 17,000.

It was great, but I lost a lot of blood and I had to have a blood transfusion. Still, I’m not sorry about that.

At the time, my partner had both surgeries on credit card, but I repaid them in monthly installments from my savings.

I was really unsure of what I looked like before and would never go out in tight clothes – whatever I like to do now.

It boosted my confidence – and it’s invaluable. “

Plastic surgeon Dr. Howland Whitney Rose makes a better shape for breast augmentation.

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