We have changed our normal life to a three-bedroom house and now we live in a school bus, no rent and even air conditioning.

A FREE SPIRITUAL couple gave up their three-bedroom home in favor of living in an old school van they refurbished themselves.

DIY fans Katy and Sam from Florida bought the new wheels in December 2020 and finally got them on the road this January.


Katy and Sam have converted a school bus into an amazing home.Credit: Instagram @ourwildcaravan
They Equipped A Functional Kitchen Space In Their Mobile Home


They equipped a functional kitchen space in their mobile homeCredit: Instagram @ourwildcaravan
Their Concrete-Colored Shower Room Offered A Chic Wash Area.


Their concrete-colored shower room offered a chic wash area.Credit: Instagram @ourwildcaravan

They update their Instagram an account with regular photos documenting their journey from a three-bedroom home to life in a van.

They said, “From the three-bedroom house we owned in Charleston, to the two-bedroom rented apartment in Seattle, to the house in the bus construction zone in St. Pete.

“For the past few years, we have been getting rid of material goods.


“Don’t get me wrong, I love collecting special treasures and bought a lot to furnish this bus!

“But this idea of ​​only draining our favorites seems so exciting and liberating to me right now.”

Cathy and Sam took on the job themselves with the help of friends, and Sam organized work and school work.

Katie said: “Sam will never blow his own horn, but I will: he’s a full-time graduate student and spent most nights and weekends this summer working on this project.

“And look at that cute little dining room he built for us!”

The project includes a double bedroom, four feet of closet, a stunning shower room and an office nook. As well as a dining room and a kitchen.

These days, the couple travels around the States in search of adventure.

Katya said:[We are] explore beach towns, go on morning bird walks, make fires and eat lots of smoothies.”

The Motorhome Started Life As A Decrepit School Bus.


The motorhome started life as a decrepit school bus.Credit: Instagram @ourwildcaravan
The Couple Drives Their Mobile Home Around The Country.


The couple drives their mobile home around the country.Credit: Instagram @ourwildcaravan

In other news, people never believe what’s inside our tiny van, we’ve spent months building it, and it even has a home CINEMA.

In the meantime, I’ve turned a rusty old caravan deep in the garden into a forest harbor, it’s like a vacation.

Plus, I saved hundreds after I converted an old dingy IKEA closet into a swanky new one for just £15.

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