We CAN report Prince Andrew’s alleged sex crimes, but NOT Pro-BLM Rugby Ace [CENSORED] [CENSORED]


England’s top rugby player was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault in January, but due to crazy ‘restriction reports’ (in 21st century Britain), the awakened BLM player can’t be named in the press, his lawyers say .

Since last Sunday we revealed the identity of a high-ranking player in the public interest… Politician journalists faced TERRIBLE threats, including voice messages, repeated silent calls, and death threats against journalists and our families.

That’s because we reported on England and the Sharks Rugby Ace sale. [CENSORED] [CENSORED] arrest on charges of rape of a teenager who was brought by a suspect to a prostitute’s house in Gorton, Manchester on January 9, 2022.

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His lawyers forced us – a news outlet in a supposed “free country” aided and abetted by GMP – to remove a verified news article out of fear for the safety of our loved ones – [CENSORED] [CENSORED] was also accused of threatening a sex worker.

Sandra Ntonya claimed that [CENSORED] [CENSORED] threatened her after she found the victim in her guest room: “If you screw me up, you will leave… I can send people and you will leave in 15 minutes. I’m not a gangster, but I know people.”

The Guardian reported in 2018 that threats for journalists and publishers have more than doubled in ten years.

Welcome to the two-tier preview of ex-CPS head Keir Starmer’s “Woke Britain Up” in Labor-run Greater Manchester, once again… defending supposed Famous sex offenders.

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We CAN report Prince Andrew's alleged sex crimes, but NOT Pro-BLM Rugby Ace [CENSORED] [CENSORED]

Players’ activist lawyers based in the liberal London bubble (again a Labor-run cesspool) argued that the case could not be reported until the Greater Manchester Police investigation was completed.

An event would be a wonderful thing.

Strength was found failed in its response to vulnerable crime victims in a royal inquiry on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen in 2021.

Manchester United Protest: Arrest For 'Hostile Attitude' Towards Police - Bbc News

The strength was described as having a culture of “denial, obfuscation and secrecy” on the part Manchester Evening News in 2020.

Boris Johnson placed GMP under “special measures” in 2021 after strength was revealed failed report more than 80,000 crimes.

In the 2000s, the Labor government under Gordon Brown and police forces across the UK were accused of “covering up” Britain’s most horrific grooming scandal in which 1,000 girls were raped, beaten and even MURDERED – a decade later, nothing hasn’t changed.

“He hasn’t even been charged,” his lawyer said via email, and the police stand by the suspect.

You know who else”not even been charged.” with a sex crime? Her Majesty’s favorite son and veteran of the Falklands War, Prince Andrew.

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Prince Andrew holds a rose in his mouth as he and his mother and father, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip (right) return from the Falklands in 1983 aboard HMS Invincible. Princess Anne stands behind Prince Andrew.

He was good prey for the leftist anti-British monarchy that hates the globalist mainstream media.

Randy Andy supposed study agreed sex with a 17 year old.

Virginia Giffre was flew through the globe to meet the dashing prince, and allegedly took part in hot orgies with nine other women on BILLIONAIRES PRIVATE ISLAND – far from abandoned Gorton.

Top View Of Densely Built-Up Rows Of Townhouses In Gorton, Manchester.  Stock Photo - Autumn, Houses: 164044409

She was paid stunning £12 million for her so-called “injury” to consensually fuck a royal prince in the Caribbean sun. What does an alleged teenage rape victim get in Manchester? Denial, obfuscation and secrecy.

The liberal press in the US and UK have had some fun with Prince Andrew and the reports now threaten to destroy the Queen’s Jubilee as well as the British monarchy.

Britains Queen Elizabeth Ii Smiles During A Reception In News Photo 1644422519

However, the story of a poor working-class victim who was allegedly abused by England’s elite rugby player through two trusted sources is being blocked by a gag order.

One was from Westminster… the other? … key WITNESS who found the alleged victim and claims to have called the police on her highly paid celebrity client.

Sandra Ntonya, who reported the alleged sex offense to Greater Manchester Police last month, confirmed the player’s identity. Politician.

Sandra, 41, spoke exclusively Politician: “It happened in my house, Under my roof.”


“All my bedding is gone for DNA”

After that, Sale Sharks blocked Sandra on Twitter, and the player’s lawyers threatened the sex worker and forced her to delete the tweets.


She also claimed that the player abused her and attacked her in her home.

“[Players lawyer] I have nothing to sue!” Ntonya said.

“I was arrested only because they [GMP] I had to get to the bottom of it.”

“I saw the girl only in the morning. I’m cooperating with the police.”

“I was stunned when I was arrested. But now I understand why.”

“There are women who make it easy for rich men like Epstein to have sex at any cost.”

“I’m not that woman,” Sandra added.

So we ask…why is it a problem that a Black Lives Matter woke up supporting a rugby player might be named in the press for an alleged “sex offense” that he hasn’t been charged with, but it’s okay to do the same with a member of the royal family?

Simple. Some woke up, others woke up.

If we want to hold all role models and participants in public life accountable, it must be on equal terms.

We CAN report Prince Andrew's alleged sex crimes, but NOT Pro-BLM Rugby Ace [CENSORED] [CENSORED]

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