October 22, 2021

“We are proud of him,” Israel’s brother, who escaped from prison, told France24.


Six Palestinian prisoners, all belonging to militant groups, are still at large – a story four days after escaping from Israel’s highest security prison appears to have come from a movie. France24 spoke to the family of the most famous fugitive, Zakaria Zubeidi.

Israel Announcing a formal inquiry into the incident on Thursday, which helped six Palestinians escape from a high-security prison. Weapons For fugitive militants

Israeli forces continue to search for six fugitives from the country and the occupied West Bank, all of whom are accused of involvement in the attacks.

Zechariah’s brother Yahya Zubeidi said that we are proud of him. “He raises the heads of all those who want dignity. When we found out, we were very happy, but also scared. Happiness because they have freed themselves from this prison of occupation, fear because we They do not know what will happen to them.

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