September 20, 2021

Watchmen complain about the quality of the unwanted sound, claiming they can’t hear the BBC thriller starring Soren Jones.

VIGIL viewers are left wondering if they need to have a hearing test after the second episode of the BBC’s new thriller.

The six-part series, starring Dr. Foster, actress Soren Jones and Endeavor’s Sean Evans, ran through Monday night and was packed with high-profile drama.

Watchmen have complained about the show's 'sound quality'.


Watchmen have complained about the show’s ‘sound quality’.Credit: BBC
Some felt they could not hear what the cast was saying.


Some felt they could not hear what the cast was saying.Credit: BBC
Many people told the BBC about the problem online.


Many people told the BBC about the problem online.

But some fans found themselves struggling to hear what the show’s main characters were saying.

Going to Twitter, one asked: “Not sure what to make of #Vigil. It sounds a little annoying and it’s not always easy to listen to the characters. Or is it just me?”

Agreeing, a fellow viewer replied: “No, it’s not just you, I had to raise the volume so high that my lady now wants to book me for a hearing test.”

Another wrote: “I am relieved that you said this. I am recovering from the maze and wondering if it is affecting my hearing. Oops!”

Several others spoke directly to the BBC, with the caption: “Good BBC set your voice quality according to #cautiousness.”

Another tweeted: “#Vigil #BBC Why the sound quality is so awful that you have to be able to read as well as listen to understand what they are saying.”

In the chameleon, a third added: “Am I the only one struggling to understand all the dialogue in #Vigil? I have no problem with the Scottish accent, it’s just beyond the control of the voice.”

Catchy drama

WAIGEL – From the makers of the Line of Duty – there was a premiere on Sunday night in which a Scottish fishing trawler and its crew were seen being dragged under the waves by an unseen force.

Immediately afterwards, serviceman Craig Burke died of shock – played by Martin Compston of the Line of Duty – aboard the nearby submarine HMS Vigil.

DCI Silva – played by Soren Jones – was called in to investigate the cause of his sudden death.

During the second episode, viewers ended up cutting their nails as DCI Silva tried his best to find out what happened to Craig.

In the end, he concludes that Craig was poisoned – however, the assailant remains a mystery.

Fans were treated to another dramatic mountain after Craig’s girlfriend Jade drowned in the cold river.

DCI Silva’s partner and ex-girlfriend, Kirsten, made the revelation after befriending Jade to get answers to Creed’s death.

But after two episodes of the thriller were released just 24 hours apart, Wiggle viewers were left in a frenzy to find out if they would have to wait six days to find out what would happen next.

  • Wagle airs on BBC 1 on Sunday 5 September 2021 at 9pm.
Dr. Foster's Soren Jones is playing the lead role in the thriller.


Dr. Foster’s Soren Jones is playing the lead role in the thriller.Credit: BBC
Endeavor's Sean Evans also plays a key role.


Endeavor’s Sean Evans also plays a key role.Credit: BBC


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