Watch Sergio Aguero flash back the years with brilliant dance moves at son Benji’s 13th birthday party.

MAN CITY legend Sergio Aguero is back in time with his moves on the dance floor at his son Benji’s 13th birthday party.

The 33-year-old let his hair down with the teen and the teen’s pals at a night out after filming it playing football the day before.


Aguero celebrates son’s 13th birthday in style with dance movesCredit: Instagram @soficalzetti
The Birthday Boy Wore A T-Shirt With The Image Of His Grandfather Diego Maradona.


The birthday boy wore a T-shirt with the image of his grandfather Diego Maradona.Credit: Instagram @soficalzetti

Aguero also spent the day with Benjy’s mom Janina Maradona after organizing the celebration.

The girlfriend of the former footballer Sofia Calcetti was also invited.

She posted footage of her partner having fun on the dance floor, as well as an adorable shot of her next to Benji, whose hair was dyed pale gray for the special occasion, and her man.

Alongside the photo, she wrote, “Happy birthday Benji. It’s impossible not to love you.”

His mom posted his emotional message on her Instagram along with a photo of Benji blowing out the candles on his birthday cake with a temporary tattoo of his famous grandfather Diego on his right wrist and a T-shirt with the face of the football legend.

Under the picture, she wrote: “At 19, you changed my life forever, you gave me the most beautiful and challenging role that a person can experience.


“I hope you will always remain as you are, affectionate, sincere, kind, respectful, a friend of your friends, your elders, true to your beliefs and ideals, true to yourself.

“Son, in this crazy and vulnerable world, you are the one who represents me the most, who puts my feet on the ground every day. In you I see the magic of life.

Sergio Aguero’s girlfriend was named a genius last February by a retired former soccer player after a 12th birthday party she hosted for the former couple’s only child.

Giannina, one of Diego Maradona’s two daughters by his ex-wife Claudia Villafane, went online at the time to post a photo of the celebration and thank the pretty blonde Sofia for preparing the birthday party while Sergio was still living in Manchester.

Sergio, who on Friday announced he would go to the World Cup with Argentina and said a coaching role is possible, posted his own message to Benji, along with a photo of the two of them together and another of him with Benji and Sofia. which said simply: “Happy 13th birthday, son. I love you.”

The birthday party, held at a private venue near Buenos Aires, is believed to have lasted until almost midnight last night.

It comes just hours after Sergio first detailed the moment he fell ill in his last professional game against Alaves for Barcelona in late October.

He also admitted in a radio interview that he has an irregular heartbeat. BEFORE his last match, but after tests he was allowed to continue playing.

Aguero said in a radio interview in Argentina: “My body has already warned me that something is going on.

“Ten days before what happened, I had a very short arrhythmia in training, and after checking everything seemed to be in order, but then it happened in the match. It wasn’t what I expected.”

He added, after detailing for the first time the discomfort he experienced during the October 30 match against Alaves, which was only fifth for him in a Barcelona shirt: .

“I thought it was because of the match and because I started the game for the first time in a long time.

“There was a moment when I started to feel weak and feel like I was dizzy, and I jumped to the ball with my head, and my head was even more dizzy.

“That’s when I took the Alaves defender by the hand and told him, ‘Listen, I’m feeling dizzy, stop the game.’

“He started screaming, the referee looked at me, saw that I was clutching my chest, I felt like I was drowning, and he stopped the match, and the doctor ran onto the field, and when I fell to the ground, the attack began. That’s why I stayed a little longer.”

Agüero, who has been in his homeland since mid-December, shortly after he announced he was retiring from football due to a cardiac arrhythmia, confirmed in an interview with Argentina’s Radio 10: “I’m going to go to the World Cup. We are considering meeting this week.

“I want to go, and if I go, I will be with the guys and I will go to training.

“It won’t be a problem, but the truth is I’m not sure about the idea of ​​being locked up again for that long because I was at the World Cup as a player but never as a spectator.”

Confirming that he had spoken to both Scaloni and Argentine Football Association president Claudio Tapia, Agüero said: “I don’t think Scaloni will be upset if I say I spoke to him. He called me and the guys and Chiki Tapia.

“We are looking to see if we can make a difference and what we can do. The fact is that this is all quite recent, and it is a pity that this World Cup is just around the corner.

“If there was more time, we could organize a formal planning process. But I will go to Qatar to cheer the players on, even if it ends up being nothing more than that.”

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