October 20, 2021

Wanted rally behind ‘impressive’ Tom after the announcement of the return tour.

Seven years later, The Wanted announced the sensational return of a posh hotel in London yesterday.

And while the band was in high spirits, the reason why Tom Parker, Max George, Jay McGuinness, Nathan Sykes and Shiva Kanishwaran decided to meet again is far more serious.

Seven years later, The Wanted has made a sensational return.


Seven years later, The Wanted has made a sensational return.Credit: Provided
In October last year, Tom revealed that he had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor - with photo partner Kelsey Hardock


In October last year, Tom revealed that he had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor – with photo partner Kelsey HardockCredit: Rex

In October last year, Tom revealed that he had been diagnosed with a terminal brain tumor, and has since shared his journey publicly to raise awareness about his disease.

To continue his work, Tom joins forces with Stand Up to Cancer to make a new documentary on Channel 4 following his story, as well as starring at the Royal Albert Hall on September 20. Put on a jig too.

And who better to perform at night than The Wanted, which went on break in 2014?

But when the boys agreed to reunite in support of Tom, they decided that a flicker was not enough and they would now take to the streets for a brand new tour of Britain and Ireland.

If that’s not enough, they’re releasing two new songs on their upcoming album, Most Wanted – The Greatest Hits.

In an exclusive interview about his return, Nathan said: “Tom is amazing. It’s as good as watching his drive to make this show at the Royal Albert Hall and then getting ready to go on tour – and It’s amazing to see him make the perfect sound in the studio … “

‘Strictly strict’

Tom is clearly moved by his bandmate’s feelings, telling them: “I’ll cry – and I don’t want to cry.”

The singer, who has a daughter, Aurelia, a two- and nine-month-old son, Buddhi, along with his wife, Kelsey, underwent chemotherapy and radiotherapy earlier this year and said her tumor had shrunk considerably in January.

But as he was going through hell, Tom made it clear that he was upstairs.

He said: “Chemo was tough – brutally tough. It removes everything, bad and good – so you have nothing. Your immune system is really affected.

“I didn’t have anything, I was so tired. I was so happy when it was over. I put this stage to bed.

“It’s lovely to have kids here with us and to do all this.

“When I was very bad a few months ago, my daughter Aurelia didn’t come near me.

“She wouldn’t talk to me. I was bad and she could tell.

“Then when I was feeling better, she knew naturally. She would go upstairs and shout, ‘Grandpa!’ And jump on the bed with me.

“She knew in that look that he could be more physically fit and with me.

“Now, what we’re doing is working.

“I’m here and I’m doing it. I don’t have time to feel it. Kelsey is giving me a kick. I’m like, ‘Girl, calm down!’ ‘

During their five years, the group won two No. 1 singles, six top five songs and sold 12 million records worldwide.

But towards the end of the union, cracks began to appear and their break was announced amid a bitter war of words.

The boys swear that those days are behind them, the group agrees that the pressure to be a pop star is responsible for separating them.

Shiva explained: “We were all very young and were exploring the pop industry – Nathan was only 16. It was intense, we were competing against other groups, away from our families to win the No. 1 spot. It was too much.

“Now that we’re old, we’ve strengthened ourselves, we’ve given each other space.”

What we are doing now is working. I’m here and I’m doing it. I don’t have time to feel ashamed.

Tom Parker

Chaming, Max continued: “Before we just took pads and fell out. I can’t imagine it would be the same for us.

The group’s child, Nathan, added: “We’re in the same maturity bracket now. Even when the band started, three of the boys were 21 years old, it was like they were handling me because I was only 16 years old. Was

“It must have been such a strange balance, because there were three older boys caring for the baby.”

He is now preparing to return to the stage in London for a charity gig, which will also feature performances by Liam Payne, KSI, Becky Hill and Sigrid.

Along with his biggest hit songs, including All Time Low and Glad You Kim, he will be releasing two new songs – one of which Max says he released five years ago as a solo track. Written and recorded.

He explained: “The first song I recorded in 2016 and I didn’t want to do it again because I thought my voice might sound a bit louder than it was then.

“Now all our voices are on it, it just feels like us. That’s what 2021 is all about.

With their new songs and most successful album on November 12, the boys will wait until the end of the year to decide if they want to start working on more music.

Jay explained: “We’ve had the biggest success with two new songs – that’s all we can do on this tour. And this tour is taking us to February next year.

“It simply came to our notice then. [about their next move] At Christmas. “

Tom added: “The last time it was over, it was all fun, but now that we’re back here, it feels like a laugh.

We are waiting to see where it all goes and how the people will react. It’s hard to predict, but personally I’d love to.

KY: This kid is number 2.

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent months, but Kylie Jenner has finally confirmed her second pregnancy.

The American reality star revealed her baby bump in a video with boyfriend Travis Scott and their daughter Stormy.

Kylie Jenner has finally confirmed her second pregnancy with boyfriend Travis Scott.


Kylie Jenner has finally confirmed her second pregnancy with boyfriend Travis Scott.Credit: Instagram / Kylie Jenner.

Posting the shooting on her Instagram, Kylie revealed the moment she unveiled her positive pregnancy test in front of her family, including mother Chris Jenner.

Fans were speculating that she was expecting to recognize some of Kylie’s tricks from her first pregnancy, when she remained out of the public eye until birth.

And last month she was furious – she posted an old photo of herself on her 24th birthday after being spotted by a ticking user.

Just 14 hours after the new video was shared online, the clip was viewed 80 million times. Kylie wasn’t joking when she said it would be a big announcement.

Pride Boat Party.

All Saints star Melania Blatt will host a special Pride Boat Party at the Thames this week.

The singer will join a host of stars with a DJ on the water as Southern Comfort celebrates the LGBTQ + community with a New Orleans-style celebration.

Fee mail

MEL C has signed up for the US version of Strictly after criticizing the offer for the British show.

The Spice Girls star was introduced as one of the new series contestants yesterday and she will compete with former Brian Austin Green of Megan Fox.

Mail had earlier said she had turned down an offer to join the BBC’s dance competition because the fee was too low.

He said: “Strictly there is only one of these shows that I will consider and I have met them – they ask me to do this every year. There is money **!” The Americans seemed happy to distribute the cash.

Sweet, Pat ‘n’ Kelly.

Pat Davidson and Kelly Coco fell in love in the upcoming Romeo movie Matt Pete. But life is imitating art – as I said, they have become very close friends.

I revealed last month how American comedian Pete parted ways with Bridgetan actress Phoebe Dinor, as the Saturday Night Live star worked in the states and in London.

The characters of Pete Davidson and Kelly Coco fall in love in the upcoming rom-com movie Matt Pete


The characters of Pete Davidson and Kelly Coco fall in love in the upcoming rom-com movie Matt PeteCredit: Rex

At the time, sources claimed that her friendship with American Kelly played a role – at least in public, she is still happy with her husband Carl Cook.

Fast forward three weeks and Kelly announces her separation from Carl after three years of marriage. “Their paths have taken us in opposite directions,” he said in a statement.

Just 24 hours later, she returned to work holding Pete’s hand when she played Sheila and Gary for a new film next year.

Matt Coutte’s insides, where the filming is now largely done, tell me that the only direction Kelly is heading is towards his stomach. One said: “They’ve gotten incredibly better from day one, but as the weeks go by, it’s clear that it’s attractive.

“They are playing a couple in the film and it’s all very romantic. But the chemistry between them is clear, they can all talk on set.

I’m not a mystic mag, but if these aren’t more than just good companions in a few months, I’ll eat my words.

Rehana’s something else

She is known for her bold fashion picks but Rehana’s latest look is something else.

The Bijan superstar stopped working early in the morning in Los Angeles in a sheepskin coat on his big musical comeback, which was similar to wrapping a pasta sheet in spaghetti. Rihanna created an eye-catching look with matching bags, hot pants and a headscarf.

The superstar donated a sheepskin coat, a matching bag, hot pants and a headscarf.


The superstar donated a sheepskin coat, a matching bag, hot pants and a headscarf.Credit: Rex

Although she wanted to hide in a colorful mask and sunglasses, she completely failed in her mission thanks to her ridiculous coat.

Earlier this year, I revealed how Ri-Ri was preparing to release her ninth album and was preparing to make a music video in LA with British filmmaker Raja Vardi.

She was stopped from working on a top secret project with boyfriend Asap Rocky in July and earlier this week she hinted that she would be working with Nikki Minaj as the pair met Nikki one evening. Lived in a New York home.

Fans waited five years to hear what Rehana was doing and I’m sure it will be worth the wait. But as far as this coat is concerned, I will leave it at home.

Seven years after being diagnosed with the wanted cancer, Tom Parker announces his return as a band rally.

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