September 18, 2021

Walmart will increase the wages of 565,000 American workers.

Walmart said Thursday it would increase the salaries of about 56,565,000 U.S. employees this month, its latest move to attract and retain staff in a tight U.S. labor market.

The company says the announcement means employees at least $ 1 an hour higher in customer service, food and consumer goods and general merchandise.

Walmart’s previous moves raised the wages of some 425,000 stock and digital associates and another 165,000 store associates. Walmart also reduced the fees for workers participating in the employee education program.

The change comes as labor shortages continue to push wages to restaurants, delivery companies, supermarkets and other chains in recent months.

Walmart’s pay rise means employees in customer service, food and consumer goods and general merchandise pay at least $ 1 an hour higher Photo: Getty Images North America

A company spokesman said Walmart’s initial wage was between سے 12 and فی 17 an hour, depending on the position.

It is still less than ڈالر 15 an hour, targeted by unions and President Joe Biden’s progressive Democratic allies.

John Ferner, the company’s U.S. president and CEO, told staff in a memo that the increase brings the average hourly wage for Walmart workers in the United States to $ 16.40.

About 75% of the salaried staff and management employees in the country began to play a role in the giant retailer per hour.

This year has been “another trying year, with challenges that few could have predicted,” Ferner added. “There is a way for everyone here.”

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