September 20, 2021

Wall Street falls even as the figures show a drop in inflation.

Wall Street closed sharply lower and the European index fell, although a closer look at US inflation data shows that price increases have been declining in recent months.

Traders fear rising inflation could force the Federal Reserve to pull back from stimulus measures that have helped it reap massive gains during the economic crisis caused by the Cove 19, but on Tuesday the US Prior to the start of trading, Labor Department data showed a rise in prices. August.

Edward Moya, an analyst at, said the Fed seems to have corrected inflation and is buying bonds to ease debt conditions.

“The slowdown in inflation may be necessary to justify their delay and suggest they have two more months to see how the labor market recovers.”

But as traders digested the news, stock prices rallied, and all major indexes posted losses, a well-known result in a month known for the rock trade.

“It’s natural for the market to stagnate and stabilize,” LBBW Bank’s Carl Healing told AFP.

But “whether it works, you know, two more days or two more weeks, or how far it goes, I have no idea.”

Meanwhile, Apple shares fell one percent as the tech giant unveiled its iPhone 13 and modern watch.

Both London and Paris shorter the day in European trading, while Frankfurt rose.

In Asian trading, Hong Kong and Shanghai have been plagued by concerns over troubled real estate Titan Evergrande, which is on the verge of bankruptcy and owes hundreds of billions of dollars.

The firm warns that it is under “tremendous pressure” with a shortage of cash, which could send it many worries and have a severe impact on the Chinese economy.

Evergrande’s shares in Hong Kong fell about 12 percent and have fallen about 80 percent since the beginning of the year.

But Tokyo has lived up to its expectations of a fresh Japanese stimulus in 31 years.

Oil prices have soared, and the International Energy Agency says global crude demand has fallen for three months due to an increase in coveted cases in Asia.

But he added that demand for oil is expected to increase in October.

US inflation
Falling consumer inflation in the United States has helped allay concerns about the need to raise interest rates Photo: AFP / Ed Jones

New York – Dow: down 0.8 percent to 34,577.57 (closed)

New York – S&P 500: down 0.6 percent at 4,443.05 (closed)

New York – Nasdaq: down 0.5% to 15,037.75 (closed)

London – FTSE 100: down 0.5% at 7,034.06 (closed)

Frankfurt – DAX 30: UP 0.1% at 15,722.99 (closed)

Paris – CAC 40: down 0.4% at 6,652.97 (closed)

Eurostocks 50: UP 0.1% at 4,191.67 (closed)

Tokyo – Nikkei 225: UP 0.7% 30,670.10 (closed)

Hong Kong – Hang Seng Index: down 1.2% to 25,502.23 (closed)

Shanghai – Composite: down 1.4% to 3,662.60 (closed)

EUR / USD: پر 1.1802 down from $ 1.1815 to 2040 GMT.

Pound / Dollar: نیچے 1.3880 down to $ 1.388.

Euro / Pound: UP at 85.34 pence to 85.45 pence.

Dollar / Yen: Down from 109.66 Yen to 110.01 Yen.

Brent North Sea crude: UP 0.5% at .8 73.89 a barrel

West Texas Intermediate: UP 0.5% ڈالر 70.77 per barrel

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