September 20, 2021

Waiting for the transfer of Real Madrid Mbappe game started

Real Madrid CF has entered a waiting game in pursuit of Paris Saint-Germain forward Kalein Mbabane. The Spanish transfer window officially closes on September 1, and if an agreement is not finalized by then, the club will have to wait until the end of the season, when the player’s contract with his current club is finally finalized. Will end

Spanish media and Real Madrid fans are waiting for everything as the summer transfer is in the last four weeks of the window roll. PSG have so far not stopped Mbappe from extending the deal, leaving him hopeful he could still choose to move to the Spanish capital.

If the PSG fails to persuade the 22-year-old to sign a new contract, they risk losing him on a free transfer next summer. Thus, even if they do not want to, the club’s Qatari owners may be forced to take cash from the player in the next few weeks.

It will probably be a small thing to “cash in” and Real Madrid know that they will need to prepare their own checkbook before PSG can officially accept the offer. The club’s president, Florentino Perez, has been very conservative in the market for the past year and a half and is believed to be preparing for a massive bid for MBP.

PSG do not want to wait until January when clubs can begin legal talks with their star forward. It will not be a chance to make a lucrative deal with one of their biggest assets, but PSG president Nasir al-Khalafi has always maintained that no other club can match his likeness.

If Real Madrid arrange a free transfer, it means they will have more money to offer the player directly. In this situation, PSG will lose, but the Dutch factor also hangs in the balance.

Real Madrid will no longer force PSG to sell Mbappe, especially since they are reluctant to participate in the current climate with so much money. However, they are also keen to finally sign a new “Galactico”. In addition to MBP, Borussia Dortmund star Earling Holland has been linked with the club. If for some reason Real Madrid agreed to sell Dortmund, Mbappe could not be spared.

Callien Mbpi
Killian Mbabane v Paris Saint-Germain League 1 AFP / France’s FIFA

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