September 28, 2021

Visits to Glasgow Central Station resumed with the new museum.

Popular behind-the-scenes tours of Glasgow Central Station are resuming with the brand new Underground Museum.

The museum, built in partnership with the Glasgow School of Art, displays old railway buildings and trains, as well as donations from railwaymen and women’s families.

Third-year students made a visual history from its construction in 1879 to the present day, while the second installation by Paul Maguire, program leader at The Glasgow School of Art’s School of Design, is a lost Glasgowns honor. the first World War

Central Station tour guide and museum curator Jackie Ogluvy is excited to see new attractions for visitors. He said: “While building a museum for Central Station was a difficult and complex process, each new artefact and piece of memorabilia provided an amazing insight into this wonderful place.

“We can’t wait to welcome people to the Middle East and take them on a wonderful, historic journey, thanks to the kindness and cooperation of so many people for whom stations and railways are an important part. . Life. ”

The tour, which is returning for the first time since the lockdown, shares stories of notable travelers guiding visitors through Glasgow and into the railway vaults.

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