October 18, 2021

Universal credit cut means I have to choose between eating or paying the bill.

Waking up at night, Grandma Karen Isk wonders how she will be able to afford her bills and food purchases once the Universal Credit Kit arrives.

He is one of the millions of Britons who lose 20 20 a week as the government withdraws epidemic aid from beneficiaries on October 6.

Karen says the new grant is too small, too late.


Karen says the new grant is too small, too late.Credit: Karen Isaac

The 63-year-old has only £ 5 left after paying all his necessary bills and buying food.

Karen, who lives in Canterbury, said: “The extra £ 20 was like a light at the end of the tunnel when Cowade was killed because I was already struggling.

“It has helped in everything, because let’s face it, universal credit is a waste of money. How can you expect people to live on it, it’s not their fault, I don’t really know.”

“After losing it, I fall asleep at night and I’m very worried about how I’m going to pay the basics, the direct debit of the bills, how I’m going to eat.

“I just bought and now I have about five pounds left and I don’t get paid until the ninth. That’s a fact. And things have become very expensive now.

Karen claims Universal Credit is unable to work after a car accident.

She had to quit her job at Vitros due to her health and could no longer work in retail due to ongoing pain issues.

She now works part-time for a charity, but available working hours vary from month to month and can sometimes be zero.

He added: “I never thought I would be in this situation. I had to quit my job after a car accident.

“I couldn’t find the same job and I had to look for something completely different, and I’m not old enough to retire.

“I’m not alone in this situation, and there are a lot of people.”

Crisis of life

The end of the Universal Credit Uplift also comes at a time when millions are facing rising costs that have been described as the “perfect storm” and the cost of the crisis of life.

Energy bills will rise after a sharp rise in wholesale prices, which has led many energy firms to shut down trade and raise prices for consumers.

Prices of groceries and other items are also rising as inflation has risen, due to supply chain problems and a shortage of lorry drivers.

Petrol pumps have become empty as trucks could not reach the forkcourts and drivers feared shortages that led to shopping disruptions.

Fuel prices have now reached an eight-year high.

Karen said: “From the age of 11, I worked on Saturdays and school holidays and always worked until the children were born and in between I had to take care of my elderly parents.

“It’s all very well to say work a few more hours, as Thrace Kofi said, but it doesn’t work that way.

“A lot of people are working like me and we lose 63 paise for every pound we earn anyway.”

Ms Kofi, secretary of state for pensions, said those on universal credit needed to work two extra hours a week to make up for the 20 loss.

But the taper rate leaves many Britons with just 37 37 for every extra £ 1. Experts estimate that on universal credit, one needs to earn at least Rs.

The Sun has called for a drastic reduction in taper rates and an increase in thresholds when it begins as part of our Mac Universal Credit Work campaign, to make it easier for British people to return to work.

It’s too late.

Yesterday, the government launched a new £ 500 million fund for local authorities to provide food, clothing and assistance to those in need.

Homeowners will be able to apply to their council for new cash from October and it will be up to each council to decide how much cash people can get – and how they will apply for help.

But Karen called the help a “postcode lottery.”

He added: “It’s too low, it’s too late, they should raise £ 20.”

“Obviously the grant will go to the families first, and so it should be. But this پون 20 cut has affected a lot of different people and you are at the mercy of your local council.

“I don’t know if they’ve been told who to give it to, or if it’s at their discretion, and if so, that’s what bothers me, and if they meet everyone in need. Enough to do.

“It’s another thing you have to apply for. You have to prove yourself over and over again when you’re down.

A DWP spokesman said: “We have always been clear that the increase in the Universal Credit and Ferlo Scheme was temporary.

“They were created to help claimants through economic shocks and financial setbacks during the most difficult stages of the epidemic, and they have done so.

“Universal Credit will continue to provide significant support both at work and abroad and it is right that the government should focus on our plan for jobs, bringing people back to work and helping those already employed to grow and earn more. Should help them. “

Karen is one of millions of Britons facing a universal credit crunch.


Karen is one of millions of Britons facing a universal credit crunch.Credit: Deposit
With a £ 20 reduction in universal credit, single mothers will no longer have the money to buy baby food or school shoes.

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