October 20, 2021

UNIT and UNISON campaigners are calling on the Scottish government to give more cash to struggling Glasgow sites.

Trade unionists today marched on Holy Road demanding cash from the Scottish government to reopen Glasgow Life sites.

Members of the United and Unison, which manages workers in Glasgow City. Council And Glasgow Life shows no sign of reopening places that have been closed since March 2020 as part of a campaign outside the Scottish Parliament.

People from branches across the city descended on Holy Road with placards saying “Save our places.”

Glasgow Times:

He was met by politicians including Scottish Labor leader Anas Sarwar and Glasgow MSP Paul Sweeney.

Mr Sweeney called the campaigners “impressive”. He said: “It was impressive to see so many community workers and trade unions traveling through the Scottish Parliament today. The source of Glasgow’s problems is that the Scottish government has disproportionately reduced the city’s budget over the past ten years, forcing some of the country’s poorest communities to fund famous museums and galleries, such as Kellogg’s. ۔

Glasgow Times:

“It’s just an example of how Glasgow is getting a rough deal, and Susan Aitken is holding Glass Vignettes hostage to protect her party, instead of fighting our city against her bosses in Edinburgh.” Stand up for it. ”

Wendy Dinsmore, United Industrial Officer, said: “We need the Scottish Government to step in and provide the necessary funding to support local councils to keep these places open.

“Places contribute to a healthier life and mental health for our citizens. Hundreds of jobs are at stake and if the closure of cultural, sports and recreational venues continues, the quality of life of the people of Glasgow will suffer.”

“Now is the time for the Scottish Government to raise its finger and give the people of Glasgow the funding they deserve to take care of our museums, sports centers and cultural sites.”

Glasgow Times:

White Inch, Mary Hale, The Cooper Institute, The Gallery of Modern Art and Bermluch Libraries have been closed since March 2020. Each library has its own dedicated campaign to save it with reading areas every week so why libraries stay awake. Required.

According to a report in The Herald, entitled Our Sister, Glasgow Life has managed to open only 90 of its 171 locations and warns that it cannot open more locations without further cash injections.

Glasgow’s regional MSP, Palm Duncan-Glensi, raised the issue in a question to the Prime Minister today, asking Nicola Sturgeon how the Scottish Government has assessed the financial deficit Glasgow Life has suffered and if Glasgow will pledge the money it needs. Places reopened and resumed operations. ”

Glasgow Times: Counting of Scottish Parliamentary elections in Glasgow, UAE.  Labor's Palm Duncan-Glancy becomes Labor MSP on Glasgow's list Photo by Colin Marines May 7, 2021

Ms Sturgeon said: “In Glasgow, the majority of libraries are open and available to the public. A small number of libraries are not open, and there are reasons, I know, that the council has decided. We have suggested that councils provide some additional funding to acquire and maintain libraries, given the strong recognition of their importance in communities.

On broader funding issues for local government, we are entering the budget process and the Scottish Government will present the budget for the next financial year in early December, as confirmed this week. We will discuss the budget in the chamber, as we always do, and we will discuss the local government settlement with the Scottish Local Government Convention. We, as we have done every year, in fair financial circumstances, will be as fair to the local government as we can be.

“Of course, any member and, indeed, any party can come to the finance secretary and say where they want to see more money allocated. All I can say is that if they want to do that, they have to It has to be said where he thinks the money should come from. The offer is open to parties across parliament.

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