September 18, 2021

Unidentified royal artefacts were burnt at Tatooi Palace. Parts of the royal cemetery were also destroyed.

A forest fire in Greece has also claimed the historic Tattoo Palace, a densely forested southeastern palace near Athens that served as the summer palace of the former Greek royal family. Was

Several unidentified artifacts from the royal palace were also destroyed in the fire last week. The fire had reached dangerously close to the deserted palace by August 5, which is why the Greek Ministry of Culture ordered the complete evacuation of all the treasures in the palace, as well as documents and other valuables. Fire.

The ministry removed thousands of items from the former residence of the Greek royal family as the fire approached the fort. However, two containers containing some artifacts could not be preserved. Hours after the building was evacuated, news came that the fire had entered the royal park and that the palace’s royal cemetery was already engulfed in it.

The items inside the containers that were destroyed could not be identified as the catastrophic fire is wreaking havoc in the country. The chairman of the Association of Friends of Tattoo, which is responsible for the management and protection of the former summer residence, said it would never be known what goods were in the two containers that caught fire. , Reports Royal Central.

“We will never know what was in these containers. And I leave it up to people to figure out why we will never know,” the chairman said.

“Items moved from container to container. So I don’t know what the exact contents of the burned containers are. It could be papers, clothes, artwork, wood, crafts, carpets, etc., that were destroyed by the fire.” He further explained.

In addition to antiquities, several buildings on the estate also caught fire. In addition to most of the forest, parts of the royal cemetery also fell victim to forest fires, which have already destroyed more than 100,000 hectares of forests and fields. A photo was shared on a Facebook page dedicated to the restoration of the ancient royal house, which showed burnt trees in the background of the fort.

The president of the Association of Tattooists said the situation was “extremely critical” when the fire first claimed the palace’s foundations, but hours later the wind changed direction and the flames went away.

The Tattoo Palace was set on fire in 1916 during World War I. In June 2007, the Greek government said it intended to turn the former palace and grounds into a museum. However, in September 2012, it was reported that the government now intends to sell the palace and its property in the face of mounting financial pressures. The Friends of Tattoo Association was founded the same year and aims to restore the former royal estate and turn it into a museum and public place, amid political apathy and a lack of money.

The idea of ​​converting the former royal estate into a private winery or restaurant and barbecue resort was mooted, but was met with criticism from private individuals and organizations who said the property’s historic location Elements will be deleted. In late 2019, the Greek Ministry of Culture finally moved forward with plans to restore the palace. Plans are underway to turn the main house into a royal museum, as well as build a new luxury hotel and spa.

Greek fire.
A fire in Greece has destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses.
Angelos Zartzens / AFP

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