Understanding patients is the key to successful treatment – Dr. Nestor Demosthenus

Dr Nestor is an award-winning aesthetic physician based in the heart of Edinburgh’s New Town. www.drnestor.co.uk

During this time, I can speak frankly and openly to try to understand why the patient in front of me chooses to intervene, to make sure that these reasons are valid and not the result of the patient’s unrealistic self-image. . I truly believe that by understanding a patient’s mindset, I can use that to positively influence the patient’s aesthetic journey.

As for me, I always want to understand why. In every case, almost without exception, something strong and intuitive spurred the patient into action. There is always something that makes them think, “I don’t like my lines. I need Botox” or “I don’t like my cheeks, I need a filler.” The cornerstone of successful treatment is patient understanding, so once I understand my patient’s reasoning, his “why”, so to speak, I can relate to him with confidence. My main role before treatment is to understand what it is. Once I understand this, I can discuss the treatment options and their various outcomes with the patient in order to develop a plan that will solve and alleviate their problem and make them feel amazing about the way they look.

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What people feel is 100% correct, but in my experience, what they think doesn’t always match what they feel. For example, a 60-year-old woman might come to me who comes in and wants her jaws removed because they make her feel like she looks tired. However, if we break it down, you will see that her thought process is inaccurate. She seems to look tired and is probably flawless in her grades. But the problem is not only in the cheeks. She may have drooping upper eyelids, eye pits, bags under her eyes, and cheekbones, all of which are signs of fatigue and produce a cumulative result of fatigue. So, she read her face correctly, but jumped to conclusions that are not entirely correct. This is the surface I need to scratch with every patient to understand why.

Once I know the reason, I can talk to them and describe the steps my team and I can take to give them the best possible outcome and ensure they achieve their desired outcome.

My approach to treatment is based on a holistic approach to the face, not a single feature. I want to celebrate the individual beauty of each of my patients and enhance their facial features so they can become the best version of themselves. I also never want my patients to look like they have “done the job”, rather my intervention will look natural with proportions, angles and ratios to enhance natural beauty. My philosophy is based on understanding what drives the patient and how they feel (e.g. I feel, I look tired, sad, etc.) and not what they want (i.e. I need a filler for lips, I want to get rid of wrinkles, etc.) . This is a completely individual approach. Once I understand how a patient is feeling, I can begin to optimize individual travel for them to achieve a refined and unique result by combining injectable treatments with non-invasive technologies such as Secret RF.

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