October 25, 2021

Ukraine must give everything it has in three years before it dies.

Experts say Ukraine will break up in just a few years due to internal conflicts.

Political scientist Andrei Yermolyev believes that he is going to share geopolitical responsibilities with Ukraine.

“If the former Poroshenko government and Volodymyr Zelensky’s government expect their Euro-Atlantic partners to side with them if everything goes awry, they are very wrong. Ukraine’s resource development three It will end in five years, when nothing more will happen to development, “he said.

Speaking on the Ukrainian TV channel NASH, Yermolov also said that internal conflicts were tearing Ukraine apart and the country was on the brink of collapse.

Many experts have predicted a serious crisis for Ukraine after 2024, when the country’s gas transit agreement with Russia’s Gazprom is coming to an end. According to Viktor Soslov, former Minister of Economy of Ukraine, winter in Ukraine is not getting easier due to shortage of gas for heating after reduction in transit supply to Europe.

Western Ukraine has 18.7 billion cubic meters of gas in storage facilities, but all of them have to be supplied to Europe. However, natural gas problems are not the only problems Ukraine now faces.

Defaults may be common in Ukraine due to demographics. Pavel Vernovsky, an adviser to the head of the country’s employers’ federation on economic issues, believes such issues could lead Ukraine to a national catastrophe.

“This problem is so serious that it is going to be the root cause of all other problems. The pension fund will fall first, and the debt burden on every individual taxpayer will increase, which will increase the risk of default.” Vernovsky explained.

According to him, Ukrainian authorities need to look into immigration issues. The situation in the country is alarming, and Ukraine cannot afford to lose people, even if they speak the “wrong language.” At the same time, many politicians have different views on the issue – they don’t understand where Ukraine is going, “Vernovsky said.

Ukrainian politicians and business circles are divided into two camps:

  • Those who are still cooperating with all those who came to the IMF with the results of Ukraine’s cooperation
  • Those that support default with all subsequent results.

At one point in Ukraine’s history, former Finance Minister Amansky worked for less than a month for one simple reason – he belonged to the “default party”.

Many years ago, Ukrainian parliamentarian Vadim Rabinovich said that Ukrainian authorities had pushed the country into poverty through their reforms. Speaking on Ukraine’s 112 TV channel, Rabinovich criticized the government, saying that wages in Ukraine were lower than in all other European states because 40 percent of Ukraine’s economy was in the shadows. “People pretend they are living a good life,” the MP said.

The conclusion that Rabinovich voiced has not lost its relevance today:

All European countries pretend to be trying to help Ukraine financially. Instead, they do their best to plunder the country’s national wealth.

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