UK to hit Russia with ‘unprecedented’ sanctions as Putin warns invasion of Ukraine is ‘catastrophic mistake’

The UK and the West will unleash “unprecedented sanctions” on Russia that will bring the country to its knees in response to the invasion of Ukraine.

Foreign Secretary James Cleverley said the Prime Minister and other world leaders will announce new measures tonight to “punish this aggression.”


This morning Russia launched an invasion of Ukraine[/caption]

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Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to enter at 3 am British time.[/caption]


James Cleverley says West will respond with ‘unprecedented sanctions’[/caption]

And he warned the Kremlin that he had made a “catastrophically bad decision” in launching an offensive against Kiev, which would “violently” fight back.

The Ten is ready to provide Ukraine with additional economic and military assistance to help it defend itself against Russian onslaught.

Mr Cleverly said the new sanctions would target Putin’s closest friends in the hope that it would persuade them to make him “smart up”.

The former major in the Regional Army also urged Russian military leaders to disobey their orders to attack.

He said: “The fantasy that Putin is trying to play out, recreating some kind of czarist, expansionist Russia, must be stopped.

“Ukraine is a huge physically country. I have no doubt that the Ukrainian people will fiercely defend their homeland.

“Military leaders around Putin need to know that this is a disastrously bad decision and will come at a high cost.

“They are in a position to stop this and we encourage them to do so.”

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Mr Cleverly acknowledged that the first round of sanctions, announced just 48 hours ago, had little effect, but insisted that new sanctions would be stronger.

He said: “We have already seen the depreciation of the ruble in international markets, and this will have a significant impact on Russia.

“Even if Putin doesn’t care, people around him will feel it, and they will absolutely care.

“Over time, they will put real pressure on the Russian economy and make it increasingly difficult for Putin to finance this military aggression.”

On Tuesday, Britain announced sanctions against five Russian banks and three oligarchs with close ties to the Kremlin.

It is expected that this list will be expanded, and Moscow will be prohibited from raising cash to finance the war in the City of London.

Putin declared war on Ukraine at 3:00 this morning, using his terrifying arsenal and launching a full-scale attack on the country.

The tyrant announced a “special military operation” after several months of concentrating his forces on the frontier and lying about his invasion plans.

The world is waking up to what could be the worst crisis since World War II as Putin seeks to destroy the world order.

His seemingly all-out invasion of Ukraine is all part of his misguided plan to rebuild the Soviet Union and his paranoia about NATO.


Ukrainians faced thunderous explosions and blaring air raid sirens as rockets, airstrikes and artillery shells rained down on their homeland.

Putin went on the Russian airwaves at 5:50 am Moscow time to order an air raid in the first phase of his attack.

Moments later, massive explosions were reported and armored columns were seen moving towards the border.

Russia had about 200,000 soldiers ready to invade, who surrounded the north, south and east of Ukraine.

There are already fears that hundreds of people have been killed in a conflict that has been warned that the death toll is in the hundreds of thousands and that millions could be displaced to Europe.

With the fog of war thickening, it remains difficult to get information from the war-torn country, but there have been reports that at least five Russian planes have been shot down.

World leaders have denounced Putin and vowed to support Ukraine as the world is now just one wrong step away from what could escalate into World War III.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Putin had “chosen the path of bloodshed and destruction” and US President Joe Biden called the attack “an unprovoked and unjustified attack.”

Russia has also launched an attack from neighboring Belarus, where Putin shamelessly courts its leader Alexander Lukashenko, a man known as “Europe’s last dictator.”

“This is just the beginning – we have intelligence that a second wave is coming,” a Ukrainian military told The Sun.

“There will be bombs, ballistic missiles and multiple attacks – this is more than our worst fears.”

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