UK capital for illegally parked supercars DISCOVERED – as council prepares 1.6 million fines in five years

The posh area of ​​London is the British capital of illegally parked supercars.

Westminster, home to Buckingham Palace, is dotted with cleverly parked Bugatti, Rolls Royce, Lamborghini and Bentley.


Area dotted with supercars gives away millions of ticketsCredit: Westminster City Council.
The Posh Neighborhood Is Also The Capital Of Imprudent Parking.


The posh neighborhood is also the capital of careless parking.Credit: Westminster City Council.

Westminster Council issued more than 1.4 million parking tickets in the five years from 2016 to 2021 – three times as many as Cardiff Council.

Flash motors are also parked there in droves, carelessly.

Over the past six years, the city has collected a whopping 81 percent of fines nationwide for extorting Bugatti.

The county also imposed 71% fines on Rollers, 64% on Lamborghinis, 36% on Astons and 46% on Bentleys.

A Westminster Council spokesman said: “Westminster is home to a lot of supercars.

“And owning a luxury or performance car is no exemption from our parking regulations.

“The Council has responded to complaints from residents and business owners about the illegal and careless parking of these vehicles.”

This follows 428 freedom of information requests disclosing over 22.5 million pieces of data from 141 councils.

This means that Westminster Council is recovering seven per cent of fines across 141 UK councils, 88 per cent more than the individual council average.

And this despite the fact that Westminster occupies an area of ​​21 square meters. km, which is less than 0.09% of the country’s territory.

The Westminster Parking Service is the largest troop in Europe, providing over 47,000 parking spaces and patrolling 1,990 streets and 600 miles of curbside.

The number of fines issued exceeds only the number of fines collected in the entire city of Manchester.

Councils invest surplus funds from fines into council schemes such as transportation for children and adults in social services.

It surpasses Edinburgh, Glasgow and Belfast, as well as the counties of Cambridgeshire, Oxfordshire and Cornwall.

Westminster Council reportedly made £140 a minute in parking tickets last year and £74.4m in 2019-2020.

The Area Is Home To A Variety Of Supercars.


The area is home to a variety of supercars.Credit: Westminster City Council.
The Council Issues Three Times As Many Fines As Cardiff.


The council issues three times as many fines as Cardiff.Credit: Westminster City Council.
Supercars Will Be Fined Across The City


Supercars will be fined across the cityCredit: Westminster City Council.

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