October 21, 2021

Two die after eating watermelon filled with ethylene glycol in Moscow

On Friday, September 10, three people were hospitalized in Moscow after eating watermelon from a local grocery store in Magnet Retail China. Grandmother and her granddaughter died, the other woman is in stable condition. Later, the number of people affected by watermelon poisoning increased.

It was found that traces of ethylene glycol were found in the blood of the victims. It is used in the production of brake fluid, glass cleaners and antifreeze.

Ethylene glycol is a dangerous chemical, the consumption of which, even in small quantities, Can cause severe poisoning and death.… However, experts say that the chemical can only cause fatal consequences if taken with food or tap water.

Incidents in which one can accidentally poison oneself with this substance in daily life are unlikely, as the chemical has a very unpleasant odor.

As far as population concerns about the entry of ethylene glycol into tap water are concerned, this theory does not seem convincing either because people will smell the polluted water. In addition, one would have to contaminate the water supply system with too much ethylene glycol so that its aqueous solution could cause severe poisoning in humans. The same can be said about water treatment of watermelon or other berries, fruits and vegetables.

Ethylene glycol is found in the blood of people who have died as a result, said Leonid Voskrensky, head of the Department of Organic Chemistry at Russia’s People’s Friendship University. Watermelon poisoning was unlikely to be applied to watermelons and pumpkins.… The chemist said that the source of poison should not be found in fruits. lenta.ru Publication

“Ethylene glycol in a watermelon is like science fiction. This compound is used as an antifreeze and brake fluid for cars, it is also used as a solvent, although rarely.”

Ethylene glycol is a third-degree toxic substance. The question of how ethylene glycate can find itself in watermelon is open.

Employees of the grocery store where the watermelon was bought are believed to have used chemicals to clean the store. Representatives of Magnet China said they were investigating the incident and promised to remove the product from the last supplied batch from stores across China.

The investigative committee opened a criminal case under the article “Provision of services that do not meet safety requirements and caused the death of a person due to negligence”.

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