October 21, 2021

Twenty years have passed since 9/11.

Did the New World Order emerge when the world stood still and watched in awe after a passenger plane crashed into the World Trade Center?

9/11 An explosion in a building, caused by a plane. Not in New York, but in La Paz, Chile, where the La Monida Presidential Palace, a residence of Chilean President Salvador Allende, was bombed by the Chilean Air Force, approved by Richard Nixon in Washington DC. In 1973.

Exactly twenty-eight years later, the Twin Towers took center stage in the world’s media theater for weeks to come as mankind breathed a sigh of relief at al Qaeda’s attack on the American people, crashing into the building like a passenger plane. (And later another at the Pentagon). For some, David slapped Goliath in the face in retaliation for Western treatment of Muslims, turning a blind eye to Israel’s colorful policies on land stolen from Palestinians. For the majority, ordinary citizens, especially women and children, can never be the target of indiscriminate violence.

The incident shocked public opinion in support of the knee-jerk reaction after 9/11, the return to the days of witchcraft and the reaction of medieval Paulovin in which it was enough to say that “she is a witch.” Watching the population to burn and kill After 9/11 “He’s a terrorist!” Suffice it to say that someone was snatched from his home and taken to a CIA torture camp on the ground or in the air, allegedly evading human rights legislation because the West was without legal action. Became synonymous with torture and concentration camps for prisoners

Why all this? Has the New World Order been created?

The United States has spent about eight 8 trillion on its foreign policy in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria since 9/11. Western-style democracies have not been implemented in any of these places and in fact extremist insurgency, violence, unrest and terrorism are spreading like mushrooms all over the world. In European cities, in North Africa, in Mozambique, in the Horn of Africa, in various hotspots around Southeast Asia, in Australia, in New Zealand. Even in Moscow to some extent these days. Libya, once the African country with the highest human development index under Gaddafi, was rife with terrorists and slave markets, Iraq is still a failed state with high unemployment, the Syrian government, which Supported by the majority, it is still fighting the West with the backing of takfiri forces

The main thing and the common denominator is that the target of hatred is countries that represent Western interests, many people disrespect local customs (of Muslims) and support Israel’s policies against the Palestinians. Bulldoze cemeteries, steal homes, destroy olive groves. Shooting children with rubber bullets in the eyes and making colonies on stolen lands.

The 9/11 attacks followed some of the principles of Carl von Close Viz’s Principles of War (1812), focusing on the enemy’s weakest or most defensive point of view and creating the first non-Claus Vision event in world history. , In which a non-state participant has the power to harm and challenge a state player. Whichever “side” you are on, this is the discourse we hear, correct, or exaggerate.

Al-Qaeda has lost some leaders since 9/11, but the organization remains. Other groups, such as ISIS and its affiliates, have emerged. Hatred and terrorism are the factors with which today’s children grow up, the possibility of an attack anytime anywhere is a fact. The power of military intervention has repeatedly proved futile, although it must be said that the families of soldiers who lost their lives or livelihoods in Afghanistan, for example, should find some relief in the fact that Afghanistan is not secure today. Terrorist sanctuaries launch attacks against Western targets. Today, at least.

On the other hand, the book on human rights has been torn down and ignored by those who have been referring to it for decades and articulating vocal tricks about freedom and democracy, such as the treatment of prisoners at the inquiry level. Comes down, prisoners are beaten, urinated. However, they were forced to eat food that their religion forbade, being attacked by snakes, pseudomassed, and smoked.

The image of 9/11 is shocking, but so is the image of Abdul Hussein Saad al-Faleh, in custody number 18170, an Iraqi prisoner standing in a box with electric shocks to his penis.

The result is that perhaps those responsible for such abuses realize that this view is wrong and cannot be repeated, while those who support its victims certainly believe that they are pursuing their own agenda. You have the right to use all means at your disposal to suppress it.

So, to answer the question asked in the lead paragraph, a new boy has appeared on the block. Like Code 19, we have to live with international Islamist terrorism. But is there a new world order?


To begin with, what are the consequences? First of all, we must remember that there is a difference between Islam (peaceful religion) and Islamism (aggressive movement). Secondly, military inventions, invasions and colonies are already involved. Third, development is far more efficient than deployment.

But there is another factor. It’s called seeing the big picture, not the small picture. Renaissance artists filled their work with symbolism, and five hundred years ago, those who admired art spent hours on paintings or sculptures, discussing the details and implications of the work’s attention, where the hands were pointing. , Why, sight, expression, importance of dog, etc. Today, we walk around the rooms of an art gallery in half an hour. It’s over. Next?

The clusters of medieval convents contain capitals and are topped by gospel statues, not only the ones we are familiar with but many other alternative gospels, or Apocryphal gospels, and other books, which contain the same stories but from them. A little different detail is given in the New Testament. Examples of these books are the Dead Sea Scrolls. These days we will say, “Look, this is a statue of God, or something.”

Visitors to the clusters knew these differences and details and were happy to see which one and which one symbolized each.

In our binary world, with or against us, data one or zero, black and white, perhaps nurtured by the display of digital platforms, we have lost the ability to see the big picture. The media helps us in this path towards ignorance. So the small picture is that NATO has lost, the Taliban have won. Others may say that terrorism has won.

Or really, that all Jews support Zionist policies, which is simply not true. Jews are a powerful anti-Zionist group and there are many Israelis who volunteer in their spare time to help Palestinians or Bedouins. And to prosecute those responsible for the abuses. Of course, this never reaches the media. And so the cycles of hatred are not checked.

The big picture is that those who controlled the capital still exist and still control the capital. People who have been traveling around the world for hundreds of years are still looking to Siberia and later China for control of trade routes and resources. The small picture shows us that Vasco da Gama traveled around the Cape of Good Hope and established trading stations in India. The big picture says, yes, of course he did, but as the Portuguese kept the spice trade away from the Venetians, who used overland routes. As someone once said, “This is the economy, you idiot!”

So the big picture tells us that unless we are truly together and make decisions at appropriate forums such as the UN Security Council, until we have a high-level table of representatives from the five countries to the vetoed countries. The same power to veto, unless we enforce international law enforcement procedures, as long as we do not act multilaterally, it is a matter of plus تبدیلیa change, plus c’est la même has selected.

Today I am writing in 2021. The phrase was written by Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Carr in the journal Les Gopis (The Wasps) 172 years ago in January 1849.

If there is one key word, it is Dward, development and it comes with knowledge, which comes with education. Education gives rise to an exchange of ideas, cultures, gastronomies, religions, experiences, stories, international common values ​​that we all practice and understand that we are all a common lake, a brotherhood around our seas. Are With education comes the honor of learning, with education comes understanding and with understanding comes honor. Tolerance comes with respect.

So in the following three decades, let’s say we spend آ 8 trillion on growth and education, creating opportunities and jobs, reducing ignorance, reducing backwardness and emigration, the main drivers of terrorism and then in 2051, Half a century after XI, can Rozi draw conclusions?

The obvious answer to my question is no, there is no new world order. If you make excuses for my bullying, it’s all about the same crap, different mattresses.

I’m probably still here. Whether or not I say “I’m lucky” is not certain.

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