October 18, 2021

Turkey is working on its own version of the S400 anti-aircraft weapons system.

In the next few years, Turkey will develop its own analogue of the Russian S400 Triumph air defense system. Millions. He was quoted as saying by Ismail Demir, head of the country’s defense industry.

According to the official, Turkey has HİSAR A + and HİSAR O + air defense systems with a range of up to 20 km.

“We will build an air defense complex with a range of 100 km. After that, we will extend these signals to the Sapper system. We are slowly moving forward to make an analogue of the S-400,” the official said. Are. “

According to experts interviewed by the publication, Turkey wants more than the S-400 complex bought from Russia.

“We bought the S-400 to defend ourselves against long-range air targets and ballistic missiles. We need to build national resources and a ballistic missile interceptor system locally,” a Turkish analyst told the publication.

In August 2020, Alexander Mikheev, head of the Russian defense export company Rosoboronexport, said during the Army 2020 forum that Russia and Turkey had signed an agreement to supply a second regiment of S-400 Triumf anti-aircraft missile systems.

The S-400 Triumf is an anti-aircraft weapons system developed by Russia’s Almaz Central Design Bureau in the 1990s. This system comes as an upgrade to the S-300 family. It has been in the service of the Russian Armed Forces since 2007

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