October 25, 2021

Tulsa detectives rescue Pitt Bell and his 8 dogs from the trash

A Tulsa police detective was shocked to find a thin pit bull and his eight newborn dogs in a garbage dump. As a devoted dog lover, she knew she had to take action to save his life.

Marni Waller of the Tulsa Police Department saw a thin man walking around the area near her husband’s work. Unable to get this dear friend out of his mind, he decided to investigate.

Dump rescue

After a short search, Marnie and her husband discovered she was living in the rubbish at a nearby dump. They wanted nothing more than help, but the terrified child was afraid of their friendship.

“On the weekends we would go there and continue feeding and befriending her and we realized she was living in the trash.” – Marnie Waller

From that moment on, Marni made it her mission to befriend the frightened Pitbull to save him one day. She often went to the dump to drop off her food, teaching Patti that there was no harm in it. Once the dog trusted Marni enough to let her look closely, it was clear she was very pregnant.

Dump rescue

Marni knew that catching a pregnant dog was more important than ever. She didn’t want the dog to be raised in such a dangerous environment, to see the mother fighting for another day.

Although the goal was to gain the dog’s trust before he was born, time was not on his side. When she returned to the dump for her next visit, all eight dogs were born and scattered in the rubbish heap. Marni knew that today was the day to bring the family to safety.

With the help of Sapolpa Police and Sapulpa Animal Rescue, the team launched its rescue mission. They dug in a pile of garbage full of germs, collecting the dog one by one all day. All eight puppies were freed from their shocking reality, and attention was drawn to the mother’s rescue.

Dump rescue

Thankfully, the team managed to capture the thin pit bill and bring the whole family into it. Basil Human Society.. It’s as if a tired mother knows it’s time to stop fighting and save her family.

“We would like to thank Liz and Marni at the Tulsa Police Department for rescuing these lovely children and their mother. Can – Human Basil Society

The family is now cared for by the Human Society’s weight team and will soon be moving to their foster home. We can’t wait to see this lovely pack grow as the days go by and we see them forever looking for the family they each deserve.

Dump rescue

“He’s done a great job right now. He’s going to get his best home forever, I hope.” – Marnie Waller

We thank Marni and her husband for working hard to save the mother and her dog and to take care of everyone involved in their care.

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