October 27, 2021

Tully Ramsey of Strictly smiled as partner Nikita wrapped her arm around his abandoned studio.

Dance star Tilly Ramsay, along with her dance partner Nikita Kozmin, left the studio this evening with a big smile.

The 23-year-old supporter wrapped his arms around the 23-year-old before jumping into the taxi.

Tilly Ramsay and Nikita couldn't smile as they left filming.


Tilly Ramsay and Nikita couldn’t smile as they left filming.Credit: Goff.
Nikita wrapped her arms around Tully.


Nikita wrapped her arms around Tully.Credit: James Curley.

The pair are also on the rise after their show-stopping performance over the weekend, which earned them 34 points for their Charleston.

But viewers aren’t just talking about their dance moves, they can’t end their connection – once again sparking speculation about a severe curse.

Nikita’s girlfriend Nicole Wurt supported the duo after their latest dance.

The dancer took to social media over the weekend to urge people to vote for the couple and put them on the show.

He also described the pair – who we revealed yesterday – as “inseparable” – “cute”.

Her comments came after days of silence on social media, leading to speculation that she might be upset over her growing friendship with her boyfriend Tully.

A source said: “Nicole has not spoken on social media for several days, which raised eyebrows because in the beginning she really supported the couple.

“She didn’t stay in and around the show because she had her luggage running. So Nikki and Tully’s good talk is a sign that she’s completely behind them.

“She and Nikita have a strong relationship that often has to be endured over a long period of time.”

Nicole, who is also a professional dancer, has been dating Heart Throb, 23, of Ukraine since 2016.

The pair are already very close.


The pair are already very close.Credit: James Curley.
Strongly supportive Nikita’s girlfriend posts about ‘nothing can change’ as he grows closer to Tully.

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