September 19, 2021

TRNSMT: Glasgow Festival Cove announces safety measures.

The TRNSMT Festival has confirmed that participants will not need a vaccination passport to enter this year’s event.

After living for 18 months. Music Away from the card, Sanch offers TRNSMT urging fans to support his efforts to make the event “the country has been waiting for.”

Organizers have introduced some of the strictest conditions for admission to any large-scale event in the UK for a three-day celebration to minimize the risk of cowardly 19.

The owners have said that the recent announcement about the vaccination passport Scotland TRNSMT 2021 will not apply.

The only requirement for admission is that participants in the fair must take a literal flow test, upload their result, and show their confirmation email, text message or screen grab stewards.

Anyone who fails to provide proof of negative test results will be denied admission.

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Fans participating on several weekends will have to take the second test 48 hours after the first.

For example, anyone taking their first test before arriving on a Friday morning will have to take another test on Sunday morning to enter the festival.

The on-site measures include more than 140 hand sanitation stations, improved cleaning schedules and more hand washing facilities than ever before.

TRNSMT is also telling fans to avoid car sharing with people outside their homes and make sure to wear face masks if traveling on public transport.

Facial masks are also recommended to be worn in any row at the entrance as well as in the toilet or bar area.

For the first time, the festival is running a fully cashless site as an additional coveted precaution – all vendors accept contactless payments.

Geoff Ellis, festival director of TRNSMT, said: “For many, this will be the first big weekend they’ve had in more than a year – after a lot of delays and some extremely difficult months. Very deserving.

“But we all need to work together and we’re reaching out to fans to make sure they order background flow tests 48 hours before entry and upload the results, hygiene on site. Use points and wear a mask when standing in line.

“It is impossible to completely eliminate the threat of COVID but we are doing our best to minimize it.”

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The welfare areas at the event will be the largest ever so far this year – offering a safe, quiet place where relayers can rest or talk to a trained support team if they are overwhelmed.

Ellis added: “We want everyone to enjoy live music with their friends on the first class weekend to make sure you take care of yourself and each other so you look forward to the weekend. Am

“I know there are a lot of enthusiastic fans out there, so our trained welfare team will be there to see everyone and help when needed.”

Mela Police will work with Scotland and is warning participants that any illegal drugs seized will be barred from entering or taken off the site.

Fireworks, smoke appliances and flammable items are strictly prohibited.

Fans are also asked to quietly enter and exit the festival and use all available baskets and toilets to honor the neighboring community.

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