October 18, 2021

TRNSMT 2021: First look around the Glasgow Green Festival site.

Festival goers can take a peek around Scotland’s largest site. Music Event before the end of this week

The TRNSMT Festival will bring 50,000 revelers to Glasgow Green on Friday and take over City Center Park by Sunday.

The three-day event will feature more than 80 acts in three different phases. Stage, King Toot Stage and River Stage.

We visited the festival site to find out what music fans can expect.

Glasgow Times: The main stage under construction at the TRNSMT Festival.The main stage under construction at the TRNSMT Festival.

The huge central phase is almost complete, with administrators finalizing the setup of the new structure.

At this year’s festival, a ‘barrier pen’ will be introduced in front of the main stage for punters to enjoy, with festival owners saying the area will ensure a “safe experience for all”.

Two smaller stages, the King Toot Stage and the River Stage, were still under construction.

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Glasgow Times: The King Toot stage is still under construction at the TRNSMT Festival site.The King Toot stage is still under construction at the TRNSMT Festival site.

There are many seating areas nearby. the meal Standing on site – as well as a handful of phone charging, free drinking water and recycling points – that visitors can make good use of.

There are lots of bars spread in Green and the infamous Portalo is ready.

Glasgow Times: A bar area with barriers at the TRNSMT Festival site.Once area with barriers at the TRNSMT Festival site.

TRNSMT will launch a cashless site for the first time when all vendors are now accepting contactless payments, including Apple and Android Pay.

Commercial stalls will give music fans a chance to catch up with their favorite artists over the weekend, and Fairgrounds rides will be at the west gate, including the famous Ferris Wheel.

Glasgow Times: A on-site merchandise stall that includes Buffy Clyro and Liam Gallagher GoodiesA commercial goods stall on site, including Buffy Clare and Liam Gallagher Goodies.

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We reported earlier. Food vendors confirmed for this year’s festival., Offers guests plenty of vegan, veggie and gluten-free options.

Big Feed on Tour will sell everything from local Scottish produce to Sri Lankan street food in Kochi.

It will also include merchants Feridog, Hector and Harriet, Caravan of Courage, McLeo, Gypsy Pizza, Papa Mack, Rafa Diner and Stig Bites The Hog.

Glasgow Times: One of the main bar areas at the TRNSMT Festival.One of the main bar areas at the TRNSMT Festival.

Fans will be happy to hear that the weather is expected to be mostly dry as light rain is expected on Friday after the return of the festival.

However, the crowds are unlikely to catch the revelers’ tan as cloudy and cloudy conditions are forecast for most of the weekend.

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The Indie Rockers The Courtiers are in the headlines on Friday, while fellow Manconin and former Oasis frontman Liam Gallagher will be on the main stage on Saturday night.

The electronic duo The Chemical Brothers will close the three-day festival on Sunday.

The festival will be held for the first time in more than two years when the owners were forced to cancel it last year. Corona virus Global epidemic.

Glasgow Times: Jeff Ellis, chief executive of DF Concerts.Jeff Ellis, chief executive of DF Concerts.

Jeff Ellis, CEO of DF Concerts, which runs the music festival, told the Glasgow Times that he is glad TRNSMT is back in town.

He said: “Looking at all the contractors on site, the staff, the people putting up the bar, the people setting up the stage – everyone is happy to see each other.

“The real excitement will be on Friday morning at 11 o’clock when we open the doors and people will start coming in. Just to see how the excitement in the audience will lift the spirits of the people.

“I think seeing the crowds here, the smiles on their faces when they come back to the live music festival and enjoy it, that’s why we do it.

“Everyone feeds it and it’s great for everyone’s mind. Health And being at a music festival. ”

The festival boss added: “There are some great new artists, such as Griff, Lira and The Lathems, who have done great things since we booked them.

“Then there are headliners like AJ Tracy, Blossoms and The Saints, which are also a recent addition. There is a huge array of music every day in stages.

“The beauty of this site – while it’s big – is that it’s not too big to go through all the stages and get a little overview of each artist.”

Glasgow Times: DF concerts event boss Colin Roger.DF Concerts Events Boss Colin Roger.

Colin Rogers, head of event management at DF Concerts, said: “We have a new main stage structure that has never happened before, so it’s really interesting to see in full glory.

“It’s going to be an amazing weekend, but you have to remember that this band and the people who come together make the weekend.

“The Scottish audience is the best in the world, so I’m looking forward to seeing that audience come back and do their job.

Being at the TRNSMT event is one of the most promising things.

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